Packed Saturday.


Devil’s Lake State Park, Wisconsin


Alhamdulillah, yesterday (Saturday, September 27th, 2014) was a productive (but tiring) day. Started off the day with an early morning hike at Devil’s Lake State Park with Syafiqa and Syafina. I haven’t been to Devil’s Lake at all, even though there were trips to Devil’s Lake over the past year (the trips would always clash with my other commitments and all so I never did went on one).

And Subhanallah, it was such a pretty sight! Since it is officially the fall season now, some of the leaves are already turning their colors, which makes it even more beautiful. I haven’t been hiking (or camping or anything related to outdoor activities) in a couple of years, so it really makes me miss the serene feeling I used to feel every time I go out and explore the nature.

My hiking partners from yesterday, Syafina and Syafiqa

We reached campus at about 10am, and I went to the gym straight away for my basketball practice with my fellow Malaysian Badgers. We played some 3-0n-3 games before heading to Rising Son’s Deli (my favorite Thai restaurant here on campus) for a group lunch. After lunch, I went back home and showered and took a quick rest before heading out again at 3:00pm.

Dawn, Deb, Rachel and Carleen have organised a small get-together and game day with some of the Malay girls here, and since I’ve always turned down their invitations in the past, I figured I could at least make it to this one. It was a fun time all the same, with games and good food and a good laugh with the girls.

Our ‘Game Day & Get-together’ ended some time aroun 7:30 – 8:00pm-ish, and Dawn drove us back to campus. She dropped some of us off at Union South, since we planned on attending the free movie show on The Fault in Our Stars. It wasn’t my first time watching TFIOS, but I cried all the same (yes, I’m that sentimental).


So, yeah, that was pretty much how I spent my Saturday. It was super fun and enjoyable, but tiring all the same e. I spent half the day sleeping today, and hopefully I’d be able to stay awake during my midnight shift at the library tonight (I’d probably have to leave for work early and drop by Walgreen’s or the Fresh Market for some chocolates and snacks to keep me through the night).

Alright then, I better be off now. Need to get my laundry and grab some food. I’m super hungry -.- Until next time, stay awesome people 🙂


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