Kad Raya Tradition, 2015 edition.


I’ve always been the sentimental type of person. I like snail mails – either sending or receiving them. I love writing and sending out letters and postcards, and I definitely love sending out Eid cards every year. It’s a habit that I try to maintain every year, and it brings me joy to know that a simple card can brighten someone’s day.

I used to go to shops & buy a bunch of Eid cards to send out to my teachers & friends, but starting from last year, I decided to make custom-made cards. After some time on Google, I foundย Kak Shida‘s blog, and how she has this ‘Kad Raya printing‘ service every year. So I started to contact her and bought some custom-made Kad Raya from her.

Last year, I was in a rush since it was a last minute decision to print out my own Eid cards, so I didn’t have time to properly design my cards. But this year, I contacted a good friend of mine, Faiz Razak, and asked for his help in designing my Eid cards. [he is also the owner behind Rolas Twelve, a local clothing company that incorporate the khat art in clothes. Go check out their Instagram account NOW NOW NOW!]

As a good friend & a pretty awesome designer (other than being my Doktor Gelak, my go-to person when I’m in need of laughs), Faiz didn’t disappoint me and gave me two designs (using some pictures I gave him).

The 'front' design
The ‘front’ design
The 'back' design
The ‘back’ design

I absolutely love the designs. It’s simple, it looks nice, and wayyy better than how it last year (I don’t even want to think about last year’s card -.-)

I originally asked Kak Shida to print out 80 Eid cards for me (50 for the first design, and 30 for the back), but it ended up not being enough (since I opened up to people from as well if they want any Eid cards from me), so I had to reorder another 40 cards from Kak Shida. And, yes, I actually use up all 120 Eid cards this year, unlike last year xD [I hand-delivered some Eid cards to my teachers in SSP & KTJ, as well as my co-workers at Teach for Malaysia, and posted 100 Eid cards to those in Malaysia, not counting the five friends who are studying abroad].

So, yeah. Thank you to everyone who became a part of this small snail-mail project, and for the support you gave. It means a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ And to those who have yet to receive their Kad Rayas, I’m so so sorry. I dropped them at the Pos Malaysia office a few days before Raya, since I was running a bit late on my plans, but they should be arriving soon. And to those who kept me updated whenever they received the cards, either by tagging me on Instagram photos, tweeting me on Twitter, sending a ‘thank you’ note on or Facebook, you’re very much welcome! ๐Ÿ˜€

Until next time, stay awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


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