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Summer Break, Part 1


Since I have a little less than three hours to go before I go to work, I can probably write a quick and short blog post to cover some of the things I did during my summer break. I know, it’s been two and a half months or so since I’ve been on my summer break, but I never actually got down to write anything much -.- And like what I wrote on this previous blog post, I’ll try to write more in details about the things I’ve done throughout my summer. And what’s a better time to do all these writings other than these few weeks before classes start, since I’m bored to death and have nothing else to do other than sleep, eat and work?

Okay, so part 1. I’ll write a bit about the two weeks or so that I spent in the United States after my finals. So my finals ended on May 12th, and after I did some packing & all, I took  bus to go to Urbana-Champaign to meet him. After he finished his finals and everything, we went on a short weekend trip to St Louis, Missouri. It was my first time finding a place to stay through AirBnB, but our host, Emily, was super awesome and friendly, that our short stay in St Louis felt like a breeze.

With Emily, our host for the weekend.
With Emily, our host for the weekend.

Two of the highlights and must-see places in St Louis are their Gateway Arch and City Museum. I swear, every time I look up to the Gateway Arch, I always feel like it’s either swaying in the wind or about to fall down (but no worries, it’s all good!). Their City Museum is like, fun. That was one of the places that Emily recommended us to go, and we really enjoyed it. It doesn’t really feel like a ‘museum’ that much, more of like a giant playground for kids and adults (like seriously, go check out their website!)

Gateway Arch St Louis
At the Gateway Arch, St Louis

So, that was our first weekend. We then head to Madison, Wisconsin, to pick up my luggage (hell no I’m not bringing them on a 8-hour long bus journey to Urbana-Champaign) and did some final packing to make sure my part of the room is not messy and stuff (my roommate was still going to be there for summer). After returning to Urbana-Champaign, we had a few days’ of rest before it was time for the main summer event: Malaysia Midwest Games 2015 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

We rented our own car for the two of us, knowing that it would be easier for us to go around in Michigan, instead of going along with the people from UIUC and having to stick to the schedule and everything (we prefer the flexibility, since I only joined two sports and I want to go around and meet people and stuff). It was quite a long drive from Urbana-Champaign to Ann Arbor, and we purposely took the path that goes through Indiana and Ohio.

Ohiooooo :3
Ohiooooo :3

Anyhow, Midwest Games in Ann Arbor lasted for two days. We stayed with the UIUC people at an inn (there’s like a bunch of other Malaysian students living at the same place as well). We met quite a lot of people there, a bunch of friends from ADFP INTEC, some friends from other universities and all.

With some ATU20 friends at the Malaysia Midwest Games 2015
With some ATU20 friends at the Malaysia Midwest Games 2015

I joined two games: Dodgeball & Congkak. (I know, why congkak? Lol) I lost at the 3rd round of Congkak, and for Dodgeball, the UW-Madison team won third place, losing to Penn State & Ohio State. It was fun though, considering we never actually practiced or anything and that we have random people coming in to join at the last minute and all xD

University of Wisconsin-Madison won third place for Dodgeball at the Malaysia Midwest Games 2015
University of Wisconsin-Madison won third place for Dodgeball at the Malaysia Midwest Games 2015

More pictures on St Louis trip and Midwest Games can be found on my Facebook’s Summer album, and you can watch some video performances during the Midwest Games at my Youtube account here.

After Midwest ended, Aiman & I went to Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets in Michigan City, Indiana for some last minute shopping before we go back to Malaysia. Got some new shoes & clothes, and also bought some bags for my cousin and Aiman’s mom (and aunts and grandmoms lol).

On May 27th, it was time to head to the airport and bid farewell to the States, and off we went to return to Malaysia for two-months.

*to be continued* (lol)


Okay, so, yeah, that was my first few weeks of summer break. I’ll write more on what I did / where I went in Malaysia soon, but for now, I’m going to go & get ready for work. I need to get something good to eat, considering how I’ll be working from 10:45am – 9:00pm today. [more hours = more money, so I don’t mind hahahaha].

Until next time, stay awesome people!


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