I’m out of apologies for this blog. I’m out of excuses and I’m out of reasons to use in me abandoning this blog.

And I’m definitely out of excuses to make for myself for my utterly disappointing achievements this semester.

And instead of people telling me “Come on Syaza, you can do it!” or “You’re a strong person, don’t give up!”,

Can I just please have someoneanyone, telling me that it’s okay for me to not do well?

Can I just have someone tell me that it’s okay if I fail something for once in my life?

Can I just please please please have someone to let me know that even if I screw up this one semester, it doesn’t mean that I’m screwing up my whole entire future?



Sometimes… I’m just tired of living up to people’s expectations of seeing me succeed and achieve great things every single time.

Sometimes, I just want to be normal and make mistakes and screw up and fail miserably.


Can I do that? Would it hurt me?


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