Summer 2k16

Summer [Weekly] Blog Challenge


I know, I go on and on about how I want to write more, and do more, and not leave the blog in the dust and everything. And I keep forgetting, I keep ignoring, I keep failing to stick to my schedule to actually update this blog.

I can’t (& won’t, definitely) promise that I’ll actually follow this schedule, but I can promise that I will try. Yes, as always, I come up with this list of challenge on my own. Most of which are things that are related to my life, and things that will be going on during the summer. Some of them are also taken from (questions that I’ve put off for almost a year, lewl).

And, no, I won’t write them all in order. But I’ll link them here once I’ve written them, alright?

Summer holiday: May 15th – September 5th, 2016 [~16 weeks]
Goal: [minimum] 20 blog posts, at least one blog post per week.

  1. Summing up junior year.
  2. Short layover in Istanbul.
  3. First thoughts on internship.
  4. Halfway through internship – people, experiences, thoughts.
  5. Final thoughts on internship, what I’ve learnt, etc.
  6. Abang’s wedding.
  7. Thoughts about going into senior year.
  8. Senior year #bucketlist.
  9. Aidilfitri
  10. 22nd birthday thoughts.
  11. Volunteering & giving back.
  12. Projek Inspirasi 4.0, & collab with D2D and SchoolLah
  13. Where I’ve traveled to in 2015/2016.
  14. Book review of a new summer read.
  15. Thoughts on anything education-related.
  16. Accomplishment(s) during summer.
  17. High(s) and low(s) during summer.
  18. One thing I wished I could’ve changed or improve during junior year.
  19. #Radiance21 updates.
  20. “How do you define double standard?” []
  21. Life as a Wisconsin School of Business student. []
  22. “What’s your vision and mission in life? And what’s your understanding about the concepts of marriage in Islam?” []
  23. “How to public speaking confidently?” []
  24. “How to inspire people to become success in their lives?” []
  25. Differences between U.S. v.s. U.K. (education system, weather, environment?) []
  26. Life in U.S. vs life in Malaysia (environment, social life, etc) []

Okay, now let’s home I can actually finish at least 20 of them by the end of the summer, aite? :3 I’ll link up the post here with any completed posts so you can read them up from here too.

Until next time, stay awesome! :)

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