Personal, Summer 2k16

Blog hiatus.


I did something utterly stupid and stupid and stupid and stupid.  A couple of weeks ago, I was toying around on the blog and everything and somehow managed to reinstall WordPress on my hosting.

Which basically means everything on this blog is screwed. Gone. Vanished. Kaboom. What made it worst was that instead of going through BlueHost’s (included in the hosting) backup that they do automatically every day, week and month, I accidentally clicked “restore” on a March-backup of my WordPress. Which means I got everything back to how it was in March 2016.

And it was done. Cannot be undone. Everything was erased and reset. Even when I contacted BlueHost to ask them to restore it to the previous June’s backup that they have of my blog, nothing after that March backup was retrievable. I repeat: NOTHING. All posts, comments, statistics, medias, uploads, templates. All gone. Poof. Disappeared into thin air. Gone. Nada.

But then again, thank God for Google Cached & the fact that I only updated my blog 7 times since the end of February. So it wasn’t that much to open up the cached pages of each post, copy & pasting the blog post, reuploading the pictures, and reposting them to the blog. Template-wise, I bought mine from Etsy, so redownloading the template and reinstalling it was a breeze (thank God).

So at least now the blog is where it was supposed to be (hopefully), but if you decide to take a stroll through the blog and found something weird or odd, do let me know so I can fix it, okay?

Oh, and I think I should also mention how I bought a new domain ( and it is now home for the Malay-version of my blog. Since I usually write in English on Silent Confessions, I decided to use the other domain as a medium for my Malay posts, which would be on a Blogger-hosted blog called, (wait for it…), Pengakuan dalam Diam.


So, yeah, here you go. It’s probably not just going to be for long posts like this one (where I usually reserve for lengthy posts and resort to my Tumblr for my short bursts or rants), but we’ll see how it goes. (And yes I have multiple mediums for rantings and whatnots but not of them are like consistently updated I’m sorry).

OK then, I’m off for now. Don’t forget to subscribe to my other blog if you want to keep updated on new posts (I’ve also included an RSS feed for it on my sidebar).

Until next time, stay awesome! 🙂

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