Senior & Final Year of Undergraduate.


“My name is Syaza Nazura, and I’m a senior in Actuarial Science.”

There’s something weird about the statement above that it gives me a chill down my spine every time I say / write it. I mean, hey, I’m a senior now. I’m almost, almost done with my undergraduate life and it’s almost time for me to enter the real world now.

Now, to be honest, I’ve technically been a senior since last semester. My credits are enough to be considered as a senior last semester, & I could’ve graduated a semester early (meaning this semester) if only I took my literature course this past summer. If you include my classes this semester, I have 6 classes left to officially graduate, so I could’ve taken one of them online over the summer, take five classes this semester and graduate this December. But I decided to take it slow a little bit, take 4 classes this semester (and add on one extra class just for fun), and only two classes for my final semester of undergraduate next semester.

I don’t know what I should think about senior year. I’m excited, yeah, obviously, since I’m graduating soon. I’m scared of the future and what would happen. I’m worried about graduate school applications and my future plans if my applications did not go through. I’m sad to think about how I might be leaving Madison, WI for good next year.

I have a mixed of feelings right now, but somehow not at all worried (yet) about the impending doom that is coming up next week (I have 5, FIVE, exams in the span of FOUR days). Yes. As always, I’m le calm me before the exams and then suddenly the night before I’d be dead.


Seriously, I have a bad case of senioritis at the moment. It is not good and I should really buck up and like focus (okay I do focus, I need to focus more). But my mind’s been focusing on my grad school applications and trying so hard not to get intimidated by the business school students who are all geared up and looking awesome as they attend the career fairs and information sessions and mock interviews and whatnot as they look for internship / full-time jobs and here I am, eating my pre-ordered online Subway tuna sandwich while rewatching an episode of my favorite anime (Kuroko no Basuke or Sword Art Online) as I wait for my Marketing class to start.

Yep. Sooooo much difference there.

*le sigh*

Okay, I should probably sign off for now. I know I haven’t written much, but you should definitely check out my YouTube channel. I’m supposed to be doing a senior year vlog project, which I am doing, only at a slower pace that I anticipated. A new video should be out soon, hopefully I get motivated enough to edit my recordings and upload it up there.

Alright. Until next time, stay awesome. 🙂

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