Life’s New Updates


This is just going to be a quick update as I’m heading to bed soon. It’s a busy week at work, what with the February intake orientation and old students coming back to school next week as well. To top it off, I’m in charge of orientation so I’m trying to make sure everything is going well and smooth with presentations and lab sessions and all that stuff.

So, what’s up in my life now (not that anyone’s asking anyway)?

There’s two big things that I’m currently juggling, aside from work-related things, obviously. Both very important and major things in my life. One is, insyaAllah, all set and ready to go. The other one is still up in the air, though right now I have one foot inside the door, and am just waiting to fully enter the room once [and if] I get the confirmation around May or June of this year.

In about a month’s time, I’ll be having what is perhaps one of the biggest interviews in my whole life. Come to think of it, I’ve had my fair share of attending interviews. Scholarship interviews? Graduate school interviews? Job interviews? I’ve lost track of how many of these I’ve attended in the last two years (especially starting from the start of my senior year). I’ve lost track of how many application essays, how many personal statements and different versions of answers to the question “Tell us about you” or “Why do you want to pursue this career / program” I’ve made. I consider myself to be pretty self-confident heading into interviews, other than, of course, brushing up my knowledge about that particular school/company/scholarship body and all.

But somehow, this upcoming interview is giving me chills unlike any other interviews. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s a much sought after interview, and to be absolutely honest, while I dream and thought about how I would achieve it and get it in the end, there’s a quiet voice in my head and heart saying that I’m not cut out for it. There’s this nagging feeling that’s telling me to give up, to forget about it, to just let it go.

So I wasn’t putting much hope to be called for an interview, but it happened, miraculously. And I couldn’t be happier, or more grateful to God, for this opportunity. I don’t know the number of people who applied for the same thing this year around, but judging from last year’s number of about 800+ applicants, I figured getting shortlisted for an interview was an achievement by itself, and I should be proud of myself.

(though I am also now hearing my brother’s voice at the back of my head saying that I’ll ace my interview and get it in the end anyway, because he met a few people who have gone through the same thing previously and he thinks that I’m worth it)

Now I’m just prepping myself up as much as possible to ace the interview, and, well, we’ll see in June if I can come back to you guys with more exciting news, hopefully.

Until next time (whenever that is), stay awesome!



  • Thanks for your postcard from 2014/2015. I know its quite late but I have been busy since then which I got into Pre-Universities and now I am in a degree in local university. Your story amazes me and make me want to travel more. I recently found back the postcard in my old book and it still have your words in it and makes me remember why did I study hard. Btw best of luck on your job. You might remember me or you might not but anyway, thanks for the wish.

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