Daily30: SPM, and Where To Next?

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So, I did something that I think I would regret in the near future, but me being me, I’m always up for a challenge – especially if I think it would benefit me (& my blog) as well. My friend, Syamil, started this 30-minutes daily blog challenge (resolution?), and I told him I’d join in as well. For the next I-don’t-know-how-many-days-this-would-last, I’ll set aside 30-minutes daily to blog about anything (either random topics that crossed my mind at the time of writing, or if people requested certain topics), and whether or not I managed to finish off the topic within that 30-minutes, I have to post it up on the blog anyways and continue it (if needed) in the next day.

That okay with you guys? For those who subscribed to get email notifications for each post – I apologized in advance if now you’re bombarded with daily emails. I sincerely hope that there would actually be people reading this instead of me just talking to myself (like I always do anyway).

It’s March 15th, 2018 today, and it’s the dreaded SPM results release day. My Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feed are full of “OMG CONGRATULATIONS” or “It’s okay, you made us proud” or similar posts as my juniors are receiving the results of their hardwork, my teachers being proud of their students, or my friends being proud of their siblings.

Aiman Azlan and Syaza Nazura livestream 2016 - Studying Overseas (video included below)

Aiman Azlan and Syaza Nazura livestream 2016 – Studying Overseas (video included below)

And as usual, my blog’s statistics (which has been dying out recently due to the lack of posts), will start spiking up again as the SPM leavers started to search for their options after SPM.

If there are any SPM leavers reading this, I would like to first say congratulations on your SPM results. Whether or not you received the results you wanted, you’ve made it. And while there will be people saying “Oh, it’s just SPM, university life would be harder, etc”, cherish this moment and remember this – it’s been quite a long journey for you to get to where you are now, and you deserve to take some time off (to cry, to be happy, to regret or to appreciate) about your results.

But whatever it is, it is also time for you to start thinking about where in life you want to be. It is time for you to see where you want to go in life, what you want to study, and how to get to where you want to be.

And I want to recommend you to read some of these posts, if not all (pick whichever is more suitable for your situation). These posts will hopefully spark some thoughts and questions in your mind about where life would take you to next, and hopefully will be able to guide you through on what you need to do.

  1. Ask.fm FAQs – What to do after SPM?
  2. Ask.fm FAQs 2 – Scholarships & Interviews
  3. What about Actuarial Science?
  4. SPM – It’s just a piece of paper
  5. Projek Inspirasi GH Hangouts with SPM Leavers (videos included)
  6. MARA Program Ijazah Luar Negara 2012
  7. ADFP INTEC: Journey to the States
  8. Why Study in the USA?
  9. Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar (A-Levels)
  10. Securities Commissions Scholarship 2012
  11. So, you want to study abroad, eh?

If you are thinking about studying overseas, you may also watch this livestream video that I did with Aiman Azlan two years ago.

And if there are people wanting to get an opinion and/or advice from others, feel free to reach out to me (via comments on this blog,  Twitter at @nazu2308 or on my Ask.fm account. I can also point you out to different people who may be able to help you out on different topics, such as SchoolLah on Twitter.


Okay, my 30-minutes for today is almost up! So for future 30-minutes daily post, unless you guys are fine with reading my daily rants about the students I work with, wedding preparations and whatnots, please feel free to suggest any topics you want me to write about. Mind you, don’t make it too hard, I do have to finish writing about it in 30-minutes, so be nice to me, okay?

Until next time, adios and stay awesome 🙂

March 15, 2018
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