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Daily30: What Makes Me Happy?


Today’s Daily30 post is inspired by an anonymous question I received on my Ask.fm account, and since I’ve left it unanswered for more than a month, I figured that it deserves a pretty solid answer in the form of a 30-minute blog post.

What’re the things that make you happy?


Cliche me would answer only one thing right now: him. But I also know that that particular answer would cause a lot of you to either (1) puke or get sick, (2) immediately closing the window/tab, or (3) roll your eyes back until you can see your brain. So I wouldn’t. At least, not yet :p

So, let’s see… My answers may be all over the place, as I’m just typing out some random thoughts from my head, so good luck making any sense out of it.

Thinking about it now, I’ve been on this phase where I try to stay off from social media for quite a while (well, at least, until this blog is bombarded with all these Daily30 posts and I have to go on social media and promote them anyway). But I’ve enjoyed being off from social media, just because it gives me some space and time to spend with my family and friends, as well as to run away from all the negative vibes on social media.

I’m also starting to enjoy doing random and impulsive things (mostly with him & Nadine, one of our most beloved third-wheelers). I used to be the one worrying about what to do, where to do, things to be completed and everything. But now, I’ve learnt to let it slide and just enjoy life for what it has to offer, even if it means going cycling at Taman Metropolitan Kepong (aka Taman Layang-Layang) in jeans – which is totally uncomfortable, mind you.

A sign of growing older is getting excited and hyped up when you see your friends achieving different kinds of milestones in their lives and not getting envious of their lives. A lot of my friends are getting married, some getting kids already, while others may be continuing to graduate schools or working with top companies and earning the big bucks. As a friend, I’m happy for their achievements, and it feels good knowing that now, I don’t compare myself to the achievements of my friends’ (like I used to while studying), because I’ve accepted the fact that everyone around me live their life at their own pace, and so do I. So the moment I stop comparing my life with others’ around me, I start to appreciate myself and my life more, and I can genuinely be happy for what my friends are achieving in their life.

Small little things in life also excite me, on different levels, of course. For example, Aiman buying me a Godiva Trufflelata / Chocolixir can get me smiling until the end of the world. Like, really. Godiva’s bloody expensive here in Malaysia (well, relatively, considering how a drink costs $6 in the US and RM25 here in Malaysia), so I rarely splurge on it like I always do back in Madison. When I was studying, I perhaps bought it at least once every two months, sometimes once a month, especially if I travel a lot (this is my go-to drink before going on a road trip). But I’ve probably only had it twice in Malaysia (once during my internship at MACEE in 2016, and once last weekend) (this is, obviously, as far as I can remember, I may have purposely forgot about other times I may have bought it in Malaysia to not think about the $$$ I’m spending), so when Aiman bought me this last weekend, it made me so bloody happy because it reminded me of the time in the US and how much I miss being there.

Getting to spend some me-time and relax / laze around is also a good thing, especially for my mental health. I like to spend some time for myself, so I occasionally treat myself to a good massage / body scrub (I’m having one tomorrow!), buy a new book, get that new dress / blouse, or having time to catch up on some good ol’ Greys Anatomy (or rewatching Haikyuu! or KnB or SAO, tbh). Aiman understands this, thankfully, so whenever I told him I’m rewatching shows on Netflix or going to the spa, he’s like “OH HAVE FUN SAYANG” because he knows how happy it makes me feel.

And, since I’m approaching my 30-minutes, the last thing that makes me happy, is this cheeky dude right here.


OK I can see you rolling your eyes now, so I’m signing off for tonight. Until next time, stay awesome! 🙂


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