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Fresh Grad 101

Fresh Grad 101: Get that Personal Finance In Check


So, as a continuation of my previous post [Fresh Grad 101: Getting that First Job], I made a poll on Twitter and Instagram to see what people want me to write about. While the results seem pretty much evenly spread between Networking/connectingInterview experiences and Personal Finance, the last one seems to have won by a tiny margin, so I guess that’s what I’d be writing about today.

I would not go too much into the detail of personal finance, because (1) I really want to sleep by midnight (if possible), and it’s already 11:06pm as of now, and (2) I’m not too well-versed in it so I’ll leave it to the people who have been in this field for longer to give all the professional advice and everything.

I will, however, share some of the things I do to keep my personal finance in check, and yes, that means saving up for my wedding (happening in less than 10 days, fyi), tracking and managing my expenses, saving up for future goals (a car, a house, a kid, etc), emergency funds and everything in between.

Do note that this is a sharing post, mostly on my own experiences and what I read and/or talked to with my friends and colleagues, and may differ with your experiences. Everyone has different needs and requirements, so feel free to tweak and adjust as needed to suit you and your lifestyle.

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June 14, 2018