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Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar

Getting to Know Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar

ATTENTION : This post was written in mid-2012, when the writer was still a student of KTJ. After she left in July 2012, there have been changes around the school which she might not be aware of, such as the changes in the timings and uniforms and such. The writer is not responsible for any problems that might arise regarding the information written here. 

Please do note that the writer has no connections whatsoever with the administration of the college, therefore she has no idea on how the fees might have changed over time. Please do consult the school directly by clicking HERE to get the correct information.

Assalamualaikum, [this is a very, very, very long post. Do click ‘Read More’ to read the whole entry.]

This is an entry dedicated specially for future students of KTJ. Those who are chosen by Bank Negara Malaysia and Petronas to come here to read A-Levels before flying off to universities to pursue their studies. Those who are looking for colleges to continue their education. Those who are seeking for more information about the college other than those stated on the college’s website. If you are in one of the above category, then this post is for you. Enjoy.

Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar, The Road to Success

I’m not going to write about all the formal stuff ’cause the website pretty much describe the whole lot of it. So I’m just going to write from a student’s perspective.

But before I write any further, do note the following;

1. A-Levels students in KTJ are called the Sixth Formers.
2. Juniors in KTJ refers to those who are below 16 years old, normally Form 4 & below. Seniors, Form 5 & above.
3. Though the name states that it is a ‘College’, technically it’s a school. So the students, despite being in Sixth Form, have to follow the rules, have ‘bedtimes’ aka lights off and all.


Boarding houses. There are 8 boarding houses (we call them house for short) here in KTJ. There are four houses for the senior boys, three houses for the senior girls, and one house for the juniors (both boys & girls) The four boys houses are Nadzaruddin (NAD), Imran (IMR), Naquiyuddin (NAQ) and Nadzimuddin (NAZ). The girls houses are Alia (ALIA) , Irinah (IRI) and Jawahir (JAW). The junior house is called Naquiah (NQH).

As you can see, every houses have their own short names to make it easier to fill in forms. Every houses also have their own reputations, probably something that they are good in. For example, in Imran, you’d see a lot of guys who love to work out at their balcony almost every evening. Naq is famous for being the best guy house in the school. Irinah (that’s my house!) is known for being the strictest house around, alongside Naq. Nqh is called the ‘baby house’. Alia -> the new house, since they started in 2010.

In front of Jawahir House

Each house have their own building. It’s like a small flat, as you can see from the above picture. The above is only for Jawahir & Irinah. Alia is almost the same, except that their building is much, much newer. The boy houses are almost the same, except the fact that they have the corridor outside (while the girls have it inside) and they have a balcony each. Nqh is like the above, only that their building is divided into two parts. The part on the left is for the girls, and the one on the right is for the boys.

The inside of Irinah house.

For Jaw and Irinah, there are four kind of rooms. We have a four-bedded room, a three-bedded room, a double room and a single room. Normally the single rooms are for the Upper Sixers (those on their last year of A-Levels) Double are normally for Sixth Formers, though sometimes if there are extras, Fifth Formers would get them too. The three-bedded and four-bedded are for the juniors (Forms3, 4 and 5)

A four-bedded room in Irinah

In Alia, (if I’m not mistaken) is mostly double and single rooms, though they do have triple rooms. For the boys houses, it’s mostly double rooms, but Upper Sixers can get the single rooms. Each student will get a bed (well, obviously), a cupboard, and a study table with racks to put their books. For Nqh students, they don’t have the table in their rooms, but they have a big room downstairs specially for studying. (kinda like a small library without the bookshelves)

Each house have their own pantry with microwaves & ovens, water cooler and a table to eat at. They have their own common room (with TV & Astro, piano, foosball table, snooker/pool table, sofa’s, air-conditioned), their own library (study tables, computers connected to the school internet, sofa, air-conditioned, book shelves), their own laundry room (there is laundry service every weekday, washing machines, dryers) and lobby (sofa, small table, for ‘lepak-ing’ with friends)


Dining hall in KTJ

Food. Food. Food. You’ll never seem to get enough of this thing. Okay, the food in KTJ is provided by the dining hall. There’s an Asian menu and a Western menu. So you can choose whichever side you prefer. For Asian, you can find food like nasi lemak, roti canai & dhall, chicken curry and the kind. For the Western side, you may come across fish & chips, mini pizza, spaghetti, cottage pie & many more.

And if you’re a Vegetarian, don’t worry. You can sign up for the Vegetarian menu too 🙂 And they also serve fruits for every meal (apples, oranges, papaya, pears, banana, etc) They have a salad station for those who like salad, and they serve juices (orange, mango, apple, etc)

During break time (recess), after school and social hour (will be explained later), you can get food from the Tuck Shop. Sometimes referred to as The Zone, it mimics a convenience store as it has all the things that you need (well, almost) It has foods, beverages, soap, batteries, snacks, ice-creams, and even top-ups for your phones.


Yes, even the Sixth Formers have to adhere to this rule. UNIFORMS. Yes, we have to wear the uniforms, and yes, the shirt HAVE TO BE TUCKED IN AT ALL TIMES. (though they’re talking about changing the uniforms now)

This is the full uniform, with tie & blazer

A guy on a normal day – without blazer

So the tie is to be worn on every Mondays when there is assembly, and it should be worn until break time (11:10am) After that, you can take the tie off (unless you’re a prefect) The blazer is to be worn at the first and last assembly of the term. On Fridays, Muslims have the option of wearing baju kurung and baju Melayu to school.

Baju kurung for the girls 🙂
Baju Melayu for the guys.

Even if you don’t have classes (Sixth Formers will have free periods depending on your subjects combination), you still have to wear your FULL school uniform (shirt, skirt/pants, socks, shoes) if you wanna go out of your houses (i.e. to the library, dining hall, etc) You are only allowed to go out in Mufti (normal clothes) after school (3:20pm)

Daily Routines

This is the current routine in KTJ. It might change a bit in the future, depending on the administrators, but for the time being, just refer to these timings.

Mondays – Fridays. 
Breakfast starts serving at 6:45am (Mondays and Fridays) and 7:00am (any other days) Class starts at 8:30am (everyday except Fridays) and 8:00am (Fridays) Each period lasts for 40 minutes. Break time is at 11:10am except for Fridays (10:40am) and lasts for half an hour.

Two periods of lessons continue after break time, and then it’s time for lunch at 1:00pm (12:30pm on Fridays) Lunch lasts until 2pm (everyday) and classes continue until 3:20pm.

ECA (Extra-curricular Activities) and Games (Sports) are divided into two sessions. First session is at 3:45pm to 4:45pm. Second session is at 5-6pm. So, depending on the ECA’s and games that you choose, you will have different timetables for your evenings than your peers. For example, a badminton addict (like my current junior) might want to take five badminton sessions, one for each day. So every evening, she would spend an hour or more at the hall playing badminton.

Okay, this is my schedule. See why I hate my Thursdays? -.-”

Dinner is served from 6:15pm – 7:20pm. By 7:30pm, students are required to be in their houses, preparing for prep time. First prep is from 7:45pm – 8:45pm. After that we have a half hour break called ‘The Social Hour’. This is normally the time where you’d see couples meeting each other, talking and sitting in front of Imran and Nadza (the ‘Couple Road’) During social hour, you could also visit the Tuckshop if you are hungry and want to buy some food.

Not everyone though will go out during social hour. Some people prefer to stay in their rooms and study, while others play games. Some use this time to take a shower, do laundry, watch TV, etc. It depends. And then after social hour ends, 9:15pm is time for second prep. Second prep is for the seniors (Form 5 and above) At 9:45pm it is bedtime for the juniors in Naquiah.

At 10:00pm, it’s bedtime a.k.a lights off for Forms 3&4. At 10:30pm, it’s lights off for Form 5. For Lower 6 (students in their first year of A-Levels), lights off is at 11:30pm, and Upper Six is at 12:00am (though people would rarely check on them) You can ask for extension of bedtime if you have a lot of work to be done and there’s not enough time to do it during prep time. Extension lasts for half an hour.

The morning is just the same as on a Tuesday. Breakfast is served at 7:00am. Class starts at 8:30am. But instead of ending at 3:20pm, classes on Saturdays end at 1:00pm. After lunch, you are basically free to do anything you want.

Sixth Formers are allowed to go out for ‘outings’ if they wish to. They can book a taxi, take a KTM ride to town or go back home for the night.

Normally, on Saturday nights, there would be an event in school called ‘The Saturday Night Events’. It could either be a show, a play, a concert, etc. It depends on the time of the year, and it varies throughout the year.

Breakfast is served at 8:00am until 9:00am. 11:00am to 12:00pm is Quiet Hour. (It’s almost like prep, but less strict) Lunch is served from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. And, you have your evenings off. Some Sixth Formers like to go out on Sundays. Others stay back in school. Sometimes they have activities in the school, i.e. a carnival, a sale, football matches, etc. Prep time is as normal on Sundays.

The Malay Community

Whoever says that the Malay students in KTJ are a minority, they are so wrong. We might be small in number, but we are united. (Y) Acehh, okay, poyo -.-‘ Yes, there are actually a lot of Malays in this school, except that some of them don’t look Malay at all because they’ve been brought up in a different environment. Most of the normal Malays (note: by normal I meant brought up in a Malay environment) are mostly the scholars, BNM and Petronas scholars.

Aidiladha Photoshoot, 2010
Bankies and Petronasies ? 🙂

Religious Activities

Whether you’re a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Christian, there are religious groups here in KTJ. There’s the KTJ iSoc (Islamic Society), the CF (Christian Fellowship) and the Buddhist Society. If you need to go to church every Sunday, there are vans going to the church, taking students along.

For Muslims, there is a main surau between Irinah & Imran. Every boarding house also have their own surau for prayers. The main surau is used for talks, seminars and important events (iSoc meetings, etc) We have jemaah prayers for Subuh and Isyak. The guys normally pray Zohor, Asar and Maghrib in jemaah too, but for girls, we normally go there for Subuh & Isyak only.

Sometimes we invite speakers from outside to come and give a talk. This year (2012), we’ve had Imran Koyube from to come in for a session. We’ve had a representative from Aqsa Sharif to come in and talk about the issue of Palestine.

With the sisters in USIM in 2011 🙂

We also have small usrahs almost every week. I’m not so sure about the guys, but for the girls, a sister called Kak Shahira who would try and drop by every week for usrah. She’s working with BNM at the moment, and she conducts usrah in KMB, INTEC and KTJ. (not sure about other colleges though)

ECA’s and Games

So. Worried about what are the types of games available here in KTJ? Well, don’t be worried. It is completely up to you which ECA’s and Games you want to join. Just for reference, here’s a list of ECA’s available in KTJ.

  1. Model United Nations
  2. Interact Club
  3. International Youth Award
  4. School Musical
  5. Dance Club
  6. Strings & Jazz Band
  7. Guitar Ensemble
  8. People to People International
  9. Red Crescent Society
  10. Chess Club
  11. Entrepreneurs’ Club
  12. Indian Dance
  13. Malay Dance
  14. Chinese Dance
  15. Innovators’ Club
  16. Cooking Club
  17. Art Club
  18. SEA Forensics
  19. Choir
  20. Hip Hop/Breakdance
  21. Malay Cultural Club
  22. Yearbook
  23. School Newspaper
  24. Literary & Debating Club
  25. Global Debates
  26. Drama Club
  27. Chinese Language and Cultural Club
  28. Concert Band
  29. Scrabble Club
  30. Photography Club

And for the games, KTJ offers a wide range of sports you can choose from. We have the normal netball, basketball, football, rugby, tennis and badminton. We also have water polo, swimming, yoga, weights, golf, cricket, fencing, karate, taekwondo, squash, table tennis, futsal, volleyball, cross country, hockey and softball.


So, I think I wrote long enough about KTJ. It is quite impossible for me to write everything about the school. The only way you’d get the full experience is by coming here and experiencing it yourselves. If you have any further questions, feel free to drop a comment or two, and I’ll try my best to answer them.

[ UPDATE : If you want a fast and quick reply, do fill up this form and send me an email. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks 🙂 ]

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Oh, here’s some pictures from around the school 🙂

<—- Ze Auditorium

Ze Sixth Form 😀

One of the nicest trees around :3
The Auditorium 🙂 [Oh, those are KYUEM people btw :3]

Alright then, until next time, Assalamualaikum! Good night everyone!

May 28, 2012