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Alhamdulillah, #syazdani is officially halal!

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Yes, you read it right. Alhamdulillah, we are finally married!

One month ago, on 23rd June 2018, I officially became the wife of my beloved husband, Aiman Ardani bin Omar. After 5+ years together, we tied the knot and now, #syazdani is officially halal!

I have a lot of people to thank for making our day a reality – especially to my mother and father, for all that they’ve done to prepare for this huge day. I know it means a lot to them because it’s the one and only time that my dad gets to ‘give away’ his daughter to another man (i.e. I’m their only daughter), so planning this wedding has been a special journey for us.

Thank you too to my cousins who helped out in managing the whole wedding, for meeting with the venue and emcee and organizing everything. And, not to mention, to my other family members, to my brothers and aunts and uncles and grandmothers, for helping with doorgifts and entertaining the guests and everything else in between.

A bunch of thank you’s to my lovely bridesmaids, Aiman’s groomsmen, and all our friends as well, for helping out and for being there on my special day. It means a lot to me to have them around as my status changed from a Miss to a Mrs – a journey that most of my friends have been together with since #syazdani started more than 5 years ago.

Not to forget, thank you to Aiman’s family, both close and extended, for coming together to celebrate the union of our two families. To Abah and Ibu, thank you, for trusting me with taking care of Aiman, and for accepting me into the family. To his siblings, thank you, for being with your brother on his big day, and for accepting another sister.

Most importantly, thank you, to Aiman Ardani, the love of my life, for everything that he has done for me, for us. For allowing me to be a part of his life and for being a part of mine, for trusting me with his heart, for being there for me through it all, and for all that he is and all that he will be.

It has only been a month, so both of us are still trying to figure some things out (like who gets to sleep on which side of the bed, who gets to drive – which I like to do, by the way, and he gets annoyed with it sometimes, etc) and we’re both still trying to get used to sharing a life together. But Alhamdulillah, things have been good so far, we’re learning to compromise and accept each other despite having differences here and there. Besides, those differences are what makes life more interesting, no?

I would probably spam more in the future about SyazDani, but I would *try* not to do it excessively on this blog. I do have a SyazDani blog set up specifically for our wedding, so you can, if you want to, give it a visit. I’d most probably upload more pictures up from our wedding there as well, so you can check out the pictures and future posts too 🙂

Signing off for now, but stay tuned as I have a couple of posts in the drafts (since before the wedding but never had the time to finish them off and post it up), including a couple of new posts for my Fresh Grad 101 series, as well as updates on some pretty big life changes (yes, I am undergoing some new life changes apart from getting hitched).

Until next time, stay awesome people! 🙂

July 23, 2018

Did my “college experience” lived up to my expectations?

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Almost a year ago, someone asked me a question on my, and I’ve been meaning to answer it, but as always, I kept putting things off. Thought that now is a good time (better late than never, huh?) to answer it, as it’s been a year since I graduated from college, and the past year has given me tons of time to reflect on my college life experience and to think about what I actually carry with me after I left my second home, Madison.

“Did you imagine the [university] life before you study in the [university]? So, is it same with what [you’ve] imagine[d]?”

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June 2, 2018

Daily30: Choosing what’s best for you.


In this huge, huge world, there are an abundant of opportunities for us to grab. There are millions of doors to be opened and endless amount of paths to walk on. And while there may be tons of things that appeal to you, or that there are multiple things that caught your attention, sometimes you have to know when to turn something down and choose what’s best for you.

I did something today that I was hoping dearly I didn’t have to do, but I knew that I have to make that decision sooner or later, and there was no point in delaying it. It has been in my mind for the past year and a half, and was one of the things that kept me going and gave me hope, but for now, I have to let it go. I couldn’t hold on to it much longer, because I know that I should be moving on and doing things that may be better for me, in so many different ways.

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March 27, 2018

Daily30: Letting things go.


I took a day off yesterday because my brain couldn’t function well enough to write a blog post. For today’s post, I posted a poll on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – asking my friends to help me decide whether today’s post would be on something light & fun, or deep & personal.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 10.11.47 PM

So here I am, 10-something at night, cracking my head at what to write about. So naturally, me being me, I Googled stuff. “Deep topics to write about”. A bunch of websites came up and all, all listing different topics and blog posts ideas and whatnots. I read through a couple, and found one website that had something I kind of enjoy, and felt like, okay, let’s do this. While in the back of my mind, there’s this nagging thought that says “dude you’re so going to regret writing about this“, but oh well. Here goes nothing.

When have you given up on something?

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March 23, 2018