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#GradSchool Thoughts, Part 1

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I’m going to make this an ongoing blog series, with random updates and posts as I navigate through my graduate school applications, going to interviews (if I was invited or if it’s required) and everything else in between.

University of Rochester, Warner School of Education interview for Student Affairs

At University of Rochester before my interview. Photo credit: Aizan Fahri

So, to start things off, I’m currently working on my graduate school applications to four different universities, namely: University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Rochester, Colorado State University and Michigan State University (in no order of preferences). My application to Rochester was already submitted (I applied for the October 15th deadline), and I have just recently submitted my application to Michigan State University (last weekend). I am currently working on my statements for CSU and Madison and should be submitting them before my Thanksgiving break (end of November).

For all four universities, I’m applying to their Student Affairs program (they have different variations of the program, but essentially they’re all related to Student Affairs), with an additional Human Ecology program at UW-Madison. So that’s five different Master’s programs at four different universities. All of them are for next year, so they would be starting either in August or September 2017 (so I’ll be going to my Master’s right out of my undergraduate studies).

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November 9, 2016