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No more than ordinary.

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In my last post, I included a link to a Google Form where I asked for suggestions on what I can write about between now and up until graduation (or even after graduation), and so here’s my first post for my pre-graduation series [and no, I’m not making it a full legit series of blog posts, because I will always forget and leave it halfway through].

“How much has your life changed in the last 4 years since the very first day you arrived in States ? =)”

This question is perhaps one of the biggest things people would ask anyone who spent all or part of their undergraduate years studying abroad, and one that someone should definitely spend time to look back and reflect on their life and how much they’ve changed and grown. I’ve been thinking a lot about this too for the past couple of days, considering how I will be speaking at the UW-Madison International Student Graduation Celebration in May (a week before my official graduation commencement), so I really need to take some time off to figure out my speech and everything.

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March 28, 2017

The Journey So Far.

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[let’s just skip the “omg I’m so sorry I’ve been abandoning the blog” and stuff part, y’know I’m not entirely sorry for doing it and let’s face it, nobody cares anyway so why bother apologizing, eh?]

So I opened up Facebook Memories today [lol okay no it’s now yesterday hiks], and stumbled upon this gem from 4 years ago:

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Acceptance Freshman Admissions

I still remember the day when this result came out. I was in INTEC, in my Calculus class, when I received the email from the Office of Admissions at UW-Madison [who knew I’d ended up working there during my college years?]. After logging in and seeing this, I was literally jumping out of my seat and hugging Syafiqa, who also got it [obviously, since she was my housemate here during our sophomore year], and ran outside [I feel sorry for our lecturer then] and met up with Fatihah from next door who also got in to Madison [but long story short she was sent to UIUC instead].

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March 19, 2017

The End is Near.

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2016 will be ending soon, and with that, it means I have one semester left to graduate and get my bachelor’s degree. That means I’m this much closer to being a real adult, of officially being a ex-MARA student, of not doing whatever it takes to just finish my studies in a major that I no longer have the passion for.

And, of course, it also means that I’m so much more closer to actually having to figure out what I want to do with my life, which, at this point, I am clueless.

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December 7, 2016

#GradSchool Thoughts, Part 1

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I’m going to make this an ongoing blog series, with random updates and posts as I navigate through my graduate school applications, going to interviews (if I was invited or if it’s required) and everything else in between.

University of Rochester, Warner School of Education interview for Student Affairs

At University of Rochester before my interview. Photo credit: Aizan Fahri

So, to start things off, I’m currently working on my graduate school applications to four different universities, namely: University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Rochester, Colorado State University and Michigan State University (in no order of preferences). My application to Rochester was already submitted (I applied for the October 15th deadline), and I have just recently submitted my application to Michigan State University (last weekend). I am currently working on my statements for CSU and Madison and should be submitting them before my Thanksgiving break (end of November).

For all four universities, I’m applying to their Student Affairs program (they have different variations of the program, but essentially they’re all related to Student Affairs), with an additional Human Ecology program at UW-Madison. So that’s five different Master’s programs at four different universities. All of them are for next year, so they would be starting either in August or September 2017 (so I’ll be going to my Master’s right out of my undergraduate studies).

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November 9, 2016