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Summer 2k16

Summer Internship @ MACEE, Part 2.


Allow me to [not] apologize for the lack of updates on this blog. It seems like no matter how much I say I’m sorry for not updating it and whatnot, I always seem to procrastinate in writing a blog post, albeit a short one. #haiz

Anyhows, this is a short (hopefully) summary of my internship experience at MACEE. I pretty much wrote quite a lot about what MACEE is and what I actually do as an intern under the Fulbright Malaysia & EducationUSA in my previous post here. So here’s just a little extra thing for you.


On my last day 🙂

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August 22, 2016

Blog hiatus.

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I did something utterly stupid and stupid and stupid and stupid.  A couple of weeks ago, I was toying around on the blog and everything and somehow managed to reinstall WordPress on my hosting.

Which basically means everything on this blog is screwed. Gone. Vanished. Kaboom. What made it worst was that instead of going through BlueHost’s (included in the hosting) backup that they do automatically every day, week and month, I accidentally clicked “restore” on a March-backup of my WordPress. Which means I got everything back to how it was in March 2016.

And it was done. Cannot be undone. Everything was erased and reset. Even when I contacted BlueHost to ask them to restore it to the previous June’s backup that they have of my blog, nothing after that March backup was retrievable. I repeat: NOTHING. All posts, comments, statistics, medias, uploads, templates. All gone. Poof. Disappeared into thin air. Gone. Nada.

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July 9, 2016

Four years ago.


Today, Facebook decided to remind me of a major decision that I made four years ago that pretty much changed everything that I experienced for the past four years.


Four years ago, on this day, I decided to go with my guts.

Four years ago, I quit my A-Levels at KTJ and started over in ADFP at INTEC.

Four years ago, I made the decision to abandon my dreams and start over fresh.

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July 3, 2016

#ProjekKadRaya 2016 edition.

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Assalamualaikum, haluuu.

It took me a month to finish my #ProjekKadRaya for this year. I got my Eid cards (printed , as always, and designed by Faiz Razak of Reka28) on the day I reached Malaysia (which was, hmm, May 18th?) I’ve used Kak Shida’s service to print my Eid cards for the past three years, and I’ve never been disappointed. In 2014, I printed out 75 cards (it was my first time, and there were still some leftovers). In 2015, I printed out 80 at first, but that wasn’t enough (’cause I opened it up on Twitter and so a lot more people were requesting Eid cards from me), so I added another 40 (total of 120 cards for 2015).


In the midst of writing out Eid cards

So for this year, I was originally planning to print out about the same amount of cards like last year (around 120-150ish). But when Kak Shida gave me the pricing for this year’s cards, 150cards would be RM100, and 200cards would be RM120. And I was like, what the heck, let’s just print out 200 cards and see how it goes.

And so I did.

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June 26, 2016