Just Be True To Yourself.


Is it possible to ‘re-post’ my Facebook status here on my blog? ‘Cause I feel like it’s easier to find it here as compared to my Facebook page. Hihi :3

Some people have been asking me, how did I manage to cope with all the hatred around me? How did I go on doing the things that I did with all the insults and negativity that I received from the so-called ‘friends’ around me? Do I listen to my own heart, or do I sacrifice myself in order to please other people? How do I know when to go on, or when to stop? How do I put up with the so-called ‘friends’ who talk bad about me behind my back?

I believe that the answers to all the above (and more) questions lie in Christina Aguilera’s song entitled Reflection. (Yes, I’ve just finished watching Disney’s Mulan)

“Why must we all conceal
What we think, how we feel?
Must there be a secret me
I’m forced to hide?
I won’t pretend that I’m
Someone else for all time
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside? “

Why must we hide who we really are? Why must we be afraid of what others think about us? Why must we try so hard to please everyone around us? Why must others’ opinions matter that much to us? I believe that everyone is born as equals, each of us special in their own ways. So why must we hide our talents and gifts just to please others?

To be honest, yes, I have been affected by the insults and criticism I received from people. Yes, I have been hurt by the things people said and done to me. But I decided not to make them as obstacles, instead, I chose to turn them into opportunities. Opportunities for me to improve myself, based on what other people say. These comments opened my eyes to the imperfections that I have, and encouraged me to improve myself.

No matter what the people around me say and do to try and bring me down, I choose to turn the other cheek, ’cause that is what princesses do (yes, I am a princess, the one and only princess of Dr Noor Azmi & Puan Zainab)

“Tears of pain, tears of joy
One thing nothing can destroy
Is our pride, deep inside
We are one.”
(The Lion King 2 – We Are One)

I can only please one person on Earth each day, and I choose to please myself.


Just last Thursday, someone decided to drop a bombshell on me and send me an anonymous ‘hate mail’, if I may call it so, through my Ask.fm account.

Have fun reading it :3

To the anonymous, if you’re out there and reading this, I’d like to say thanks. Thanks, for ruining my Thursday mood. Thanks, for making me feel like crying. Thanks, for making me feel emo for the whole afternoon. Thanks, for making me lose my appetite and causing me to eat not even half of what I normally eat. Thanks, for giving me such a headache.

Also, thanks for giving me the perfect reason to go back home for the night. Thanks for giving me the reason to go and treat myself to a slice of Chocolate Indulgence. Thanks for giving me the reason to go to library once again. Thanks for showing me who my true friends are. Thanks for being honest, although not completely. And thanks, for pointing out my flaws.

I know I’m not perfect. I know, there’s still a lot of things I need to improve on. I know, I have a high ego. I know, I have a bad temper. I know, I can be a pain in the ass at times.

I’m trying my best to improve.

Trust me on this. If I hurt anyone around me, I’m truly sorry. It was purely unintentional, really. I would never want to hurt anyone. No, not even if the person hurt me in any way. But in my quest, along the way, I may have hurt or offended some people, be it with my words, my actions or my attitude. And I’m truly sorry for it.

So to my dear Anonymous (I’ve lost track how many of you there are), thank you for the ‘constant reminders‘ for me through anonymous comments on my blog and anonymous questions on my Ask.fm. :’)

Peace no war (y) Now let’s go and watch some Vlog on this topic 😀 Hihi.

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  1. Thanks kak syaza coz dah bg smngt kat saya . Suka baca blog akk , and it’s such a wonderful life study abroad , i thought . saya nak khatamkan baca blog akk ne .Very interesting . 🙂 Keep on writing smthing useful 4 us as the readers .

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