Ramadan: Reflection and Comparison


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We are almost at the end of the holy month of Ramadan. At this time, many of us would be doubling or tripling the efforts to try and find the night of Lailatul Qadr. Perhaps, some of us would even look down on the others (nauzubillah) for not joining in the chase to find the special night.

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Over the past few weeks of Ramadan, these thoughts or words may have crossed your minds;

“Why does that person stay in the room when all the other people are heading to the mosque for tarawih prayers? Ish ish ish.”
“Look at him/her. It’s already the __th day of Ramadan, but he’s still stuck at Juzu’ One of the Quran. So slow!”
“Would you look at her? It’s Ramadan, and she’s fasting, but she’s still not wearing the hijab. What’s the point of fasting, then?”
“He sneaks off after tarawih without performing the witr prayers, and would only return after 11pm. I wonder what he’s up to, it must be something bad!”

Did you know…

…that the reason that particular person does not join the tarawih prayers at the mosque is because he/she is in the process of qada’-ing all the prayers he missed when he was young?
…that the reason he/she is still reading Juzu’ One of the Quran is because at the start of Ramadan, he/she was reading Juzu’ Twenty-five?
…how she used to go out wearing shorts skirts and short-sleeved dresses, and she’s trying to change bit by bit?
…that he sneaks off without performing the witr prayers because he wants to perform other sunat prayers on his own?

No, of course you never thought of that, right?

Humans are prone to think negatively when they see other people doing the opposite of what the society are doing. People are so accustomed to the norm of the society that they are not willing to accept something new, even if it is right.

Ramadan is not about comparing yourself with others.
Ramadan is not about who’s better.
Ramadan is not about who has performed more ibadah.
Ramadan is not about who prayed twenty rakaat of tarawih every night.
Ramadan is not about who finished the Quran first.

Then… What is Ramadan all about?

Ramadan is all about you.

Who you were before Ramadan, who you are during Ramadan, and who you will be after Ramadan.

It is all about the change that Ramadan brings to you.

Perhaps, before Ramadan, you never even stepped foot in the mosque. And thanks to Ramadan, you learn to consistently do it.
Perhaps, before Ramadan, you never prayed, not even once. And thanks to Ramadan, you learn to pray not only the five compulsory prayers, but also some sunat prayers as well.
Perhaps, before Ramadan, you were not covering your aurah well. And thanks to Ramadan, you are slowly learning to change your appearance to comply with Syariah.
Perhaps, before Ramadan, you have no idea how to read the Quran. And thanks to Ramadan, you learn to read it bit by bit.
Perhaps, before Ramadan, you never did wake up in the middle of the night for Qiam. And thanks to Ramadan, you have learnt to wake up for Qiam and sahur.

It is all about you and your faith.

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Take a few moments to reflect on yourself. How much have you changed over the past few weeks of Ramadan? How much has your taqwa increased? How much has your faith strengthen? How much have you improved yourself, physically, socially and mentally?

Hit your chest, ask your faith. 
(Tepuk dada, tanya iman)

May Allah’s blessings be upon all of us on this holy month of Ramadan, and may all our ibadah be accepted by Him, insyaAllah.

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