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Getting All Geared Up For The States.


There’s only two days until it’s time to bid farewell to Malaysia and say hello to the United States of America. Someone sent a question on my AskFM, saying that I should probably make a list of what to bring to the States, saying how it’d probably help other people who would be heading to the States as well.

So, here is it.

I owe a lot to a senior in Penn State, Kak Nabila Zulkifli, for her notes on packing list and other information for incoming US students. So to make things a lot easier for myself, and for those who might need it, here you go. A simplified version of what to do and bring to the States. [mind you, this list is not thorough, there are some things that some people might need, and others wouldn’t]

Important documents

1. Your I-20 document from your university.
2. Passport & USA Visa [to get a US Visa, please refer to]
3. Boarding pass / flight tickets
4. University offer letter / acceptance letter
5. Scholarship offer letter [where applicable]
6. Financial affidavit
7. Health insurance documents / card
8. Medical check up results
9. Foundation / Diploma / College transcripts
10. Driving (international) license
11. Malaysian Bank Documents / ATM cards / Credit cards

Clothings & Stuff

1. Two sets of traditional clothings [ Baju kurung / baju raya / baju Melayu, cheongsam, sari, jubah, etc. Will come in handy during festive celebrations ]
2. A few sets of day clothes [ for the first few days in the States ]
3. A couple of jeans and blouses.
4. A sweater or a jacket.
5. Kain batik [ for the ladies ]
6. A pair or two of comfortable sneakers / shoes
7. For Muslimahs, bring along inners, kain dalam, scarves, hijabs, brooches and anything you might need to use.
8. A towel [ for the first couple of days before you buy one there ]
9. Some pairs of socks
10. Undergarments

Food & Stuff

1. Instant noodles [ Maggi, etc ]
2. Brahim’s instant paste & food
3. Stocks and cubes for cooking
4. Instant nasi impit / lemang for Raya celebration
5. Instant seasoning / paste [ Perencah nasi goreng, etc ]
6. Keropok, etc

For more info on what herbs and spices that you would want to bring, please refer to Kak Fatin’s notes here.

Religious Things

1. Al-Quran / Bible / any religious books
2. Yasiin
3. Sabun Taharah
4. Telekung [ 2 sets ]


1. Stationaries
2. Laptop, chargers, phones & chargers
3. Camera(s)
4. Contact lenses, solutions, cases
5. Toiletries
6. First aid, bandages, medicines, etc
7. International adapters
8. TSA Padlock [ if your luggages do not come along with a TSA lock ]

So, it’s not much, but it’s the basic things that you might want to consider bringing to the States [ or to any country you’re going for your degree, anyway ] Credits to Kak Fatin for her notes, I couldn’t have put together my things if it wasn’t for her notes.


Anyhow. Like I wrote, I only have two days left. And considering tomorrow is my family’s Raya Open House, tonight would probably be the last night I have to blog in Malaysia. I probably will be busy the whole day tomorrow and can’t steal any time to blog. Nevertheless, I will try to blog one post before I go. InsyaAllah.

Until next time, Assalamualaikum!


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