MH370: Insensitivity

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Do not just post #PrayForMH370 on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the other social networking sites you own without actually praying for their safety.
Do not just speculate on the aircraft’s situation without thinking about what the family members and friends of those involved are feeling.
Do not just blame Malaysia Airlines for not doing their work without actually knowing what is happening in real life.
Do not just blame the government and its political system for every bad thing that happens to Malaysia without actually going through it yourself.

What if it was your father on the flight? What if the stewardess was a cousin of yours? What if the infant on the plane belongs to your sister? What if the crew on the plane was your long lost best friend?

Source: Google Images

Would it help you if people on Facebook commented things like “Plane crashed. Good for Malaysia for having a stupid government.” ?
Would it ease your pain when you hear people speculate about how the plane crashed without actual reports?
Would it make you feel any better if people say “It’s been too long a time, there’s no more hope to find them alive.” ?

You will not know and probably will never know the pain and distress they are at the moment. A simple goodbye and a hug at the airport may turn out to be the last time they ever meet their loved ones (Wallahualam). The shock, the pain, the sorrow.

How can you be so insensitive?

Not everything that happens in Malaysia is a scheme planned by the government.
Not everything that happens in Malaysia has to be viewed politically.

Source: Google Images

Sometimes, things happen and they are just way outside our control. God is the Almighty and He is the only One who Knows what happened, where and why.

The least we could do now is to pray. To actually spare five minutes and pray to God (in whatever method that is acceptable in your religion), instead of just using #PrayForMH370 in your posts. Sit down and really pray for them.

Pray, not only that the plane can be found, or that the passengers and crews are safe, but also to the family members and friends of those involved. Pray for their strength, so that they could accept whatever news that awaits them in the future. Pray that they will be able to bear the news, whatever it may be.

“He it is who gives life and causes death; and when He decrees a matter, He but says to it, “Be,” and it is.” [40:68]

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