20th Birthday, and Projek Inspirasi 3.0.

So, I officially turned twenty on Saturday, August 23rd, 2014. It wasn’t much of a celebration, and I was pretty upset I couldn’t celebrate it with him (but he called and we had a Skype call, so that helped). I had a tough time sleeping that night, and by 7:15am, I was already on my way out to pick up some friends before heading out to Sekolah Seri Puteri, Cyberjaya. My alma mater.

Projek Inspirasi 01

Haziq Ghafar entrusted Projek Inspirasi 3.0 to me, and I have to thank the group of awesome people in the above picture for co-operating and for spending their free time to come and help me out. I couldn’t have done it without them, and I’m thankful for having such awesome friends.

Even if they do occasionally prank me, like they did on Saturday. -.-

So, like I mentioned, it was my birthday on the day of Projek Inspirasi 3.0. During the second session, the interview session, Nazran and Amalina Taib were the ones in charge. Cikgu Hajar had specified a time slot for some mock interviews, and we’ve already agreed on getting some volunteers from the students themselves.

When the mock interview was starting, Amalina was about to call the volunteers from the students when Nazran suddenly took the microphone from her.

Nazran: Before we go on, let’s call Syaza Nazura to the front. Let’s see how a real scholar answers an impromptu interview.
Me: (in my head) Whuuuuuuut?
Nazran: So, what’s your name?
Me: Hi, my name is Syaza Nazura, but you can call me Syaza.
Nazran: Okay Syaza, so when’s your birthday?
Me: (in my head) Nazraaaaaaaaaaan!!! (stares at Nazran with a deadly stare)

*the whole auditorium / Dewan Kuliah fell silent*

Adlina (in the audience): Is it todaaaaay?
Students: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
A group of volunteers in the audience: (started singing the Happy Birthday song)
Nazran: Wait wait. I was a conductor once, so I have to do this. Together now, one two three…
Everyone: (starts singing)

Projek Inspirasi03

So, yeah, that was it. My birthday ‘celebration’. And I’d have to say, they really got me. No wonder none of the volunteers, not even those who are close to me, text or call me at midnight to wish me. Turns out they had something else in plan, and I’d have to say, I really do appreciate the thought :’D

Projek Inspirasi 3.0 went well, even though it was not was I originally planned earlier this year. But then again, I’m thankful to be able to contribute something to my juniors in SSP, even if I did not get to know them personally. And I’m certainly thankful that I had the opportunity to work with this awesome group of people and volunteers. 🙂

A bunch of thank you to these people for their time and effort in making Projek Inspirasi 3.0 a success.

Cikgu Hajar, Khairul Nazran, Wan Mohamad Ali, Uzair Addin, Amalina Taib, Farah Adlina, Anis Farhana, Miera Ainaa, Amira Rashidah, Ainaa Nabilah, Nuraudi Zafirah, Amierul Rieza, Raja Muhammad Safarin, Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain, Amirul Adlan, Nurul Natrah, Siti Nurizzatee, Aiman Sanudin

Projek Inspirasi02

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