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End of Sophomore Year.


So, I am now officially on my 3-months summer break. Well, technically, I’ve been on my summer break for about a week+ now. Finals ended on May 12th and I can’t be more glad that my second year is now over.  Anyhow. I’ll be coming back home to Malaysia in about a week. I’m staying in the US for a while to travel and to go to Michigan for this year’s Malaysian Midwest Games, then Aiman & I will be flying back home to KLIA on May 27th. InsyaAllah I’d be in Malaysia for two months and will be leaving for the States again on July 27th.

This summer… Hmm. I may not have that many things planned yet. I won’t be interning anywhere, because I’m only home for two months. So I’d be volunteering with Teach For Malaysia for a couple of days a week, and I’d be going to INTEC to talk to the ADFP students, and definitely be meeting up with friends and families and all. I’m also waiting to hear back on an internship application, so we’ll see how that goes later on.

Sunset at Lake Mendota, Madison

Anyhow, just felt like I want to do a recap of the major events / activities that happened throughout my sophomore year in the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Just for fun, and I promise, I won’t write too much on each activity. It’s just going to be a short recap for personal use in the future, in case I want to recall what I’ve accomplished / done.

Fall 2014 (August – December 2014)

  1. Started my term on the committee for the Malaysian Student Association (MSA) for the 2014/15 academic year as the webmaster / photographer.
  2. Also officially started my job as Webmaster for b.Line Magazine, alongside being on the Editing team.
  3. Started job at the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.
  4. First time doing the overnight shift at College Library (was fun, but tiring ._.)
  5. First semester in the Wisconsin School of Business!
  6. Midwest Actuarial Student Conference in UIUC, Illinois
  7. Trip to Minnesota with friends for Thanksgiving
  8. Volunteering during World Appreciation Day 2014
  9. Winter trip part 1 & part 2: Ireland & London with family and friends
  10. Sat for my first ever Actuarial paper (FM Exam) and failed :'(

Spring 2015 (January – May 2015)

  1. Winter trip part 3: Chicago & Universal Studios at Orlando, Florida.
  2. Bascom 2k15 (awesome campus-wide snowball fight)
  3. First time skiing ever in my whole life.
  4. Accepted as Teach for Malaysia’s Campus Leader for UW-Madison.
  5. Officially declared a Certificate in Education & Educational Services.
  6. Spring break getaway to Indiana with love.
  7. MSA Graduation Night, and the end of my term on MSA 2014/15
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Tenney Park, Madison

So, yeah, I think that’s basically it for now. I’m so glad that sophomore year has ended, and I’m looking forward to a more productive junior and senior year here. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I first came to the United States to pursue my dreams, and that I’m halfway done with my degree life. Somehow, it seems like time passes by so fast and I’m almost in the real world, and I’m just not prepared for it yet.

Until next time, stay awesome. 🙂

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