Beg tangan for work


Being the only girl in the family, I didn’t grow up like most girls. I don’t usually like wearing dresses or flowery skirts or buying handbags or shoes or things like that. My idea of fun was playing football / basketball. I wore (and still do wear) jeans almost everywhere that I go, and my favorite go-to shoes are my Keds sneakers.

But I guess lately, especially since I’m here in the U.S. and working part time to get some extra pocket money, I feel like it’s a satisfaction to be able to use my own money to buy clothes and things like that and I feel like I’m being a bit of a hoarder now (especially clothes and coats, lewls. And possibly handbags too hikhik). You can never have enough of those, right? ? [sorry Mummy, hihihihi]

So we all know how beg tangan can be both an accessory and a necessity for people, women especially.Beg tangan are considered like, what, poket Doraemon, considering how it can have literally everything. Don’t trust me? Try asking your mum. I’m sure her beg tangan would have almost everything that you would need on a journey / shopping trip / travel, like minyak angin and tissues, among other things.

And what if you’re a working woman? Here’s three kinds of beg tangan that are suitable for working women to use to bring to the office:

1. Shopper Bag


I don’t personally have any of these shopper bags, but as you can see, it is a big and wide bag – useful for storing all those important and confidential files and documents you need as you rush from one meeting to another.

2) Tote Bag



A tote bag is much smaller than a shopper bag, but it still has a lot of space in it. Thus, wearing this to work (or even out for shopping or travel or anything) would allow you to store all your personal belongings (can even bring along your tablet if you use it for work meeting, etc). It also looks fashionable, don’t you think? (especially if you pair it with suitable attires)

3) Shoulder Bag


A shoulder bag is similar to a tote bag, however with a longer handle. This allow you to hold it on your shoulder instead of your arms, which makes it easier if you’re bringing something heavier in your bag like a tablet or planner. It also has a lot of space it in so you can bring a lot of personal belongings to work / on your travels.


I personally prefer to have a shoulder bag than a tote bag, just because I prefer to have my hands free so that I can hold other things (like my phone). And considering how I usually bring my camera (sometimes my huge-ass Canon DSLR) around, a shoulder bag makes it easier to hold my camera in my bag (it doesn’t feel as heavy as it would if I were to carry a tote bag). But a tote bag is definitely a good accessory, especially for cool pictures like this one 😛


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Stay awesome peeps :3

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