Summer 2k16

#ProjekKadRaya 2016 edition.

Assalamualaikum, haluuu.

It took me a month to finish my #ProjekKadRaya for this year. I got my Eid cards (printed , as always, and designed by Faiz Razak of Reka28) on the day I reached Malaysia (which was, hmm, May 18th?) I’ve used Kak Shida’s service to print my Eid cards for the past three years, and I’ve never been disappointed. In 2014, I printed out 75 cards (it was my first time, and there were still some leftovers). In 2015, I printed out 80 at first, but that wasn’t enough (’cause I opened it up on Twitter and so a lot more people were requesting Eid cards from me), so I added another 40 (total of 120 cards for 2015).

In the midst of writing out Eid cards

So for this year, I was originally planning to print out about the same amount of cards like last year (around 120-150ish). But when Kak Shida gave me the pricing for this year’s cards, 150cards would be RM100, and 200cards would be RM120. And I was like, what the heck, let’s just print out 200 cards and see how it goes.

And so I did.

I did a Google form & posted it up on my and Twitter and Facebook, and told people that if they wanted a Kad Raya from me, they could fill up the form with their name & address. I also went through the addresses from last year (especially of friends and teachers) and save some of the kad rayas for them as well.

I wasn’t expecting much from the Google Form, but heck, I was surprised.

Tadaaa. All the written cards, waiting for delivery.

I wrote around 185 cards (two already delivered to INTEC, most of them were dropped at the post office on Friday, some would be delivered by hand). There were a few cards that would be going to other countries, namely: United States, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. And I was surprised at how many responses from ‘strangers’ that I received through the Google Form (i.e. people that randomly searched #ProjekKadRaya on Twitter and found mine and wanted one just for fun).

My parents couldn’t believe that I spent all that time, money & energy into doing this. FOr them, it’s a waste. There’s WhatsApp and Facebook and people usually just wish other people through social networking sites and whatnots, and here I am, writing out almost 200 cards BY HAND (yes, even the addresses were written by hand, not printed and pasted).

But when I think about how much it means to me to have a ‘personal touch’ to everything that I do, and how much fun it is to actually send and receive kad raya (I would always get one from Abang Wafi every single year, without fail), I wouldn’t stop anytime soon. And, hey, there’s also people like these that made the whole #ProjekKadRaya more meaningful and exciting to me.


Anyhow, I’m glad that this year’s #ProjekKadRaya is done. It’s been fun & I would definitely be doing this again next year (hopefully lewls). Anyhows, thank you to everyone who participated and do let me know when you get the Eid cards! Until next time, stay awesome people!

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