The Journey So Far.


[let’s just skip the “omg I’m so sorry I’ve been abandoning the blog” and stuff part, y’know I’m not entirely sorry for doing it and let’s face it, nobody cares anyway so why bother apologizing, eh?]

So I opened up Facebook Memories today [lol okay no it’s now yesterday hiks], and stumbled upon this gem from 4 years ago:

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Acceptance Freshman Admissions

I still remember the day when this result came out. I was in INTEC, in my Calculus class, when I received the email from the Office of Admissions at UW-Madison [who knew I’d ended up working there during my college years?]. After logging in and seeing this, I was literally jumping out of my seat and hugging Syafiqa, who also got it [obviously, since she was my housemate here during our sophomore year], and ran outside [I feel sorry for our lecturer then] and met up with Fatihah from next door who also got in to Madison [but long story short she was sent to UIUC instead].

Now, four years down the road, I’ll be graduating from UW-Madison with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Actuarial Science in approximately 55 days, and it’s been one hell of a journey since the acceptance letter came out.

I think, thinking about how the last four years have been makes me nostalgic about leaving Madison. It’s been my home for four years, and I’ve learnt a lot from this place and the people in here. It’d definitely be a different feeling to go back home or to go to graduate school somewhere else and making some other place my ‘home’.

Between now and graduation (or even until after graduation, depending on when I actually go back home to Malaysia), I want to jot down memories of my college life, reliving some of my best moments, remembering some of the travels and events I’ve been on, and all that stuff.

So, yes, if you have suggestions of what I should write about, please feel free to suggest it to me, either by commenting on this post or by filling up this form here. I’ll highly appreciate it 😉

Okay then, for now, I’m going to sign off, but I will return, soon, w/ more posts [hopefully, that is, lewl]. Until then, take care and stay awesome people. 🙂

T-55 days.

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