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Hello (again) blog. Sorry for the late late update (again). Can’t say that life has been hectic, but it’s obviously not that hectic that I can still spend hours watching random stupid videos on Facebook and 9gag, but I also can’t say that life has been easy because it’s not.

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So, yes, I can officially say that I am currently working as an Administrative Executive (Course Administration) at Monash University Malaysia. I’ve been here for the past month, and so far things have been interesting. This is my first experience, not only to work in Malaysia, but to experience and see how a Malaysian university (albeit a private one) operates from the administration’s standpoint. Granted, it’s only been a month, and the fact that I’m the youngest person in my office with no prior experience (other than my part-time job in the US), makes it a little weird, but it’d be a good place for me to see how universities in Malaysia work, and it’d help me to see if student services is really what I want to pursue in my life.

I definitely did not imagine I would be here working at Monash University, but definitely grateful for this opportunity. I applied to Monash at the last minute, and it was the last application that I submitted in April before telling myself, “Okay, you know what, you’ve applied to quite a lot of places already, and you have heard back from a couple of them for interviews and whatnots. So for now, focus on the interviews that you have coming up, and if it’s meant to be, it will be. But if all those applications were unsuccessful, then we can start applying again when we’re in Malaysia.”

I actually almost forgot that I submitted my application to Monash, as I was a little busy with graduation and my trip to Alaska with my parents (along with juggling a couple of final interviews with a couple of other colleges and schools). So when I got the email for the interview at Monash, and did the interview at 2am in the morning in Shariff’s room (had to borrow their house as Lisa’s house did not have internet over the summer), I didn’t think much of it. So it was a surprise when the offer came in, but a good surprise after all.

Okay, work-life aside, things in life have been going on pretty okay for adult, fresh graduate Syaza Nazura. My official diploma from UW-Madison arrived at the end of June, so I was able to go to MARA and officially report that I’ve ended my studies and applied for conversion (to lower the payback of my loan). I’ve also settled most of my things in the US (my subletor is moving out today, so Saf & Afiq will be helping me with moving out my furniture (bed and desk), and cleaning out my apartment before handing my keys in to Mullins and all. So, for now, I’m all set, for now at least.

Oh, and also, before I sign off, I wouldn’t write much about this, but I want to ask you readers (if there are any of you) to pray for me and Aiman, and pray that God will ease our journey from here onwards. I’ll really appreciate it. 🙂

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July 8th, 2017. Photo by TheWeddingAssociates

Okay, until next time, stay awesome people 🙂

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