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Daily30: I’ve been promoted!


First of all, I apologize for skipping today’s topic of Fresh Grads Tips (as chosen by voters on Twitter). Since I’ve just been promoted to a new ‘position’,  I figured that today is a special day that deserves its own post.


I’m officially an aunt!

So, Alhamdulillah, my brother and sister-in-law have just welcomed their first child into this world. My parents have officially become grandparents (after years of playing with my cousins’ children), so they are beyond excited, naturally.

The baby was born not an hour ago at the time of writing (~9:50pm), by caesarean section (c-section). There were some complications in delivery which caused the doctors to perform a c-section, but Alhamdulillah, my sister-in-law and nephew are both safe.

It’s surreal thinking that we now have a baby in the house (well, after Kak Iylia finishes her pantang at her parents’ house, that is), and that my brother, as childish and immature as he is, is now a father. And it makes me think about the past decade or so and how much we’ve grown.

It’s scary, but also exciting in a way.

I mean, think about it. In less than 100 days from now, I’d be embarking on my own new journey with Aiman, & a lot of things would change in our family. I’d have a new family, new responsibilities, and a new partner for life. Things would be different in my life (more or less independence, depending on how you look at it, lol), but it’s all part of life, and I have to embrace it with open arms.

Okay so I realize that today’s post is way way shorter than yesterday’s (perhaps only 1/3 of yesterday’s length), but that’s due to the fact that I’m typing this up on my phone while wandering the hallway in this pediatrics ward, so I apologize for that.

Tomorrow’s topic will insyaAllah be on fresh grads tips – either career-wise, financial-wise or anything that I can cover in 30 minutes.

For now, let’s hope I can have a good night sleep and wake up tomorrow for my talk at SSP. Until next time, stay awesome and good night.



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