Heading to Huddersfield, UK.


I’ve been hinting about my new phase for quite some time, so I guess now’s a pretty good time to officially write about it on the blog, even though some of you would’ve already know about it from my other social medias (yeah, my blog is the last to be updated, as always)

In a little over 24 hours from now, I’d be on a plane, where I’d be heading to the University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom, to start my MA in Education (Youth & Community).

After more than two years of planning for graduate school and all, it’s finally happening. Granted, it was not what I planned for originally, as my first option was to stay in the US after my graduation in May 2017 and pursue my 2-years Master’s degree in Student Affairs. But, after thinking things through and taking into consideration a lot of other factors, this is perhaps the best option for me at this point of time, and I’m honestly excited for it.

It wouldn’t be my first time in the UK, especially considering how I spent a year and a half growing up in the small town of Harold Hill back in 2005/2006, but it’ll definitely be a change for me to re-adapt to a British education after being in the USA for 4 years of my undergraduate life.

I’m also excited to be back in a 4-seasons country, although the weather will be much, much different than it was in Madison. But at least, there are no more extreme cold weather during winter, but more to gloomy rainy days and all that wind. But, hey, if I survived -20 Celsius winter nights, I’d be game for anything.

During my short visit in January 2018

I’m excited to see what the future holds for me, and will definitely (try) to update the blog as much as I could. I have a couple of plans in store, but let’s hope that these plans actually do come true, unlike all my previous plans for the blog -.-

I will, insyaAllah, write again soon once I’m all settled in and enrolled and everything, so, until then, stay awesome and wish me luck people! 🙂 

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