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My March 2020 expenses update.


Hope everyone’s doing well despite the prolonged Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia! I’m dying out of boredom at home, which has negatively impacted my motivation and energy. I’ve been lethargic most of the time, spending most days sleeping. That is probably the reason why the blog hasn’t been updated for more than 1+ months. Also probably why my March 2020 expenses post took me 2+ weeks to complete. -.-

March 2020 has definitely been… different, to say the least, what’s with the MCO in Malaysia. It’s definitely a new normal, getting used to working from home and everything. And for someone who just started a new job in February, it’s definitely a weird time, trying to get used to everything from home.

March 2020 expense breakdown.

March 2020 expenses

Since the MCO started in mid-March (and currently lasting until God knows when), I have to accept that it would be hard for me to exactly manage my finances well. It’s a bit of bad timing for us to be moving into a new place, considering how now we’re stuck in a new area away from family.

But, I guess we’re pretty lucky. We’re comfortably stuck in our new place, we have internet access (and can Netflix or do work or cook and everything). My work is (so far) still secure, we have good savings and we have good support from our families to help us if we need it.

I’m expecting food expenses would be high for this month, considering also how it’s almost Ramadhan. We still haven’t fully stocked our kitchen, so it’s probably a good time to actually do it so we can be fully prepared for Ramadhan.

Being stuck at home also meant I’ve been online shopping quite a bit. Nothing too big – some painting materials, clothes from NyonyaKain, new shawls from CoversCloset, some home stuff. No big deal (lol).

Getting new to the ‘new┬ánormal’

I’ve been working from home for the past month, and it’s taking some time to get used to it. Good thing is, my work is quite flexible, so as long as I keep checking my emails, answer as needed and attend meetings whenever necessary, that’s good enough. My manager’s also cool with getting emails from me at 3 am in the morning (thanks Joe!).

Like most other schools or educational institutions, we’ve moved to online teaching and learning. Even after the MCO is lifted, I don’t know if it’d be a good idea for schools to be reopened. Group gatherings are ‘discouraged’ anyway, so re-opening schools and universities are like inviting the virus to be spread out again. But, hey, that’s just what I think.

We don’t know when things will go back to normal, and if things are even going to be normal again. Things are definitely going to be different after everything is done and over with. Travel’s going to be different. Business and the economy are going to be different. We all just have to be ready and prepared for whatever’s coming.

Hoping for the best for everyone.

Wherever you guys are, I hope you are staying safe and healthy. I know things are not easy right now, so just hang in there. If any of you are having problems in any way, please reach out, either to me or to another family member or a friend, or to someone.

We’ll get through this stronger, insyaAllah. Stay safe, practice good social distancing and good hygiene. Take care, and stay awesome!


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