Sudio T2 wireless earphones review.

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So, earlier this year, I wrote a review for Sudio Nio. Recently, Sudio was kind enough to send me their latest product, the Sudio T2 for me to try. The Sudio T2 is the latest generation of their best-selling Sudio Tolv, and, I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with it so far.

Like last time, the Sudio packaging is super smart and minimalist. The earphone case (I got mine in Sand) looks so cute and small (and a little like an egg lol, so comel!) Sudio T2 comes in four colors – Black, White, Jade, and Sand. I initially wanted to get the Jade, but there were some stock issues so I opted for the Sand. No regrets though because the color looks clean!

Sudio T2 – sweet, small and sleek

Sudio T2 wireless earphones

Like the Nio, I love how the case fits nicely in my hand (and, by nature, my handbags). The box also comes with a short USB charger cable, and ear tips in various sizes to fit your ears.

The Sudio T2 has up to 35 hours of battery life and a single charge can give you 7.5 hours of playtime. It has active noise cancellation and provides all-day comfort to suit you and your busy lifestyle. Though, personally, I can’t use it as much because Aiman has taken it into his possession now (thief! :p). But he’s back in the office for work and everything, so I definitely don’t blame him for wanting to use the Sudio T2 at work (I would’ve worn wireless earphones at my job if I can, but the number of people I work with on a daily basis kind of makes it hard).

My take on the Sudio T2?

Sudio T2 wireless earphones in sand

I’ve never really been much of a fan of in-ear earphones (which is why I love the Sudio Nio when I got it last time). I’m always squeamish with things that poke at you – in-ear earphones or earbuds, needles, COVID-19 nasal swab test (lol). But the Sudio T2 surprised me because it does not feel uncomfortable in my ears. I even took it out on a jog at the park a few weeks ago, and I’m surprised at how it stays fit all the time and does not make me feel squeamish at all.

Although, like the Nio, wearing a wireless earphone underneath my hijab makes it hard to utilize the touch panels. But, like I said last time, I usually run or work with the same music repeating on my playlist, so it doesn’t really make much of a difference to me.

Sudio T2 wireless earphones

You can get your own Sudio T2 now! Use the code SYANAT2 for 15% off your orders on the Sudio website and enjoy the dynamic audio that it can give you.

Until I see you in the next post, stay awesome and take care everyone 🙂

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