My 22 for 2022 list – things I want to accomplish.

Assalamualaikum, hi 🙂

Happy New Year! It’s halfway through January, but I figured, eh, better late than never to post this up on the blog.

Things have been a little haywire in my life over the past few months (more on that in the next post – maybe, maybe not). 2021 has been a year that gave me one of the biggest highlights of my life, but also one of the darkest times. So I have mixed feelings about 2021, and I am not sure what to feel about it ending and 2022 starting.

Anyhow – following from last year’s 21 for 2021 (which, for the records, I managed to get more than half done, which is good enough!), here is my list of 22 for 2022 – 22 things or goals that I want to work on or achieve in 2022.

Personal goals

  1. Declutter old clothes. I realized recently that some of my old clothes and pants (especially for work) haven’t been worn in months (if not years). Some of them were bought back when I was in the US, and probably either are too small for me or doesn’t fit my style now. Need to get rid of them before I buy new ones.
  2. Read 20 books. Current count as of 14 January 2022 is 4 books. I reread an old English novel/memoir and 3 new Malay novels – continuation of my favorite Dear Yayah series from my high school years.
  3. Travel/staycation with Aiman at least 3 times. Hoping to get one staycation over the Chinese New Year break soon before I start my new job in February. Update 6 March, one done, two to go.
  4. Projek Kad Raya 2022 – this time with my own illustration? We’ll see!
  5. Do digital planning. I am trying to ditch my habit of having a physical planner and trying to utilize my iPad more, so let’s see how I would feel about digital planning on my GoodNotes app. I’ve always been attached to my physical planner (have been using one almost every year since high school), so this would be a big change.
  6. Hang out with friends at least once a month. Hopefully things would be easier moving forward with COVID restrictions. January hang out, checked! February update, checked!
  7. Have a session with a financial planner to check current takaful coverage, cashflow, and to help us in planning ahead for future family. With the new job and more responsibilities/commitments, Aiman and I definitely need to have a proper sit down and think through our finances properly.
  8. To move into our new place (yes, we’re moving, again, but not until June, hopefully).
  9. Secret project with Aiman – will be announced in due course. :p

Work / Professional goals

  1. Start my new job. Yes, I’m leaving my much beloved role at Alice Smith School and moving to a new role in February (soon!). So excited for the new role but also quite scared of the future. Will share more in another post (maybe!)
  2. Reach 20,000 followers on LinkedIn. Current count as of 14 January 2022 is 11,936 followers. Considering how I haven’t been consistent in posting things on LinkedIn, the number has been pretty stagnant for a while.
  3. Conduct at least 15 webinars or workshops. These can either be ones that I plan and organize myself or organized by external groups or universities. If I kept track correctly, I did roughly 20 or so last year.
  4. Attend 15 networking/mentoring sessions. Current count as of 14 January 2022: 1 time. And, yes, this includes the Primed for Success sessions that I am a part of as a Mentor, although I have been on/off attending for the past half a year.
  5. Write or conduct another mini-survey like the Challenges Fresh Grads Faced in Malaysia. This was actually an idea I had last year but never got around to do it. Recently, the idea popped back into my head so might as well do it.
  6. To fully organize my coaching work and documents. This include anything I use for my coaching work (Canva presentations, letters, files, etc). I need to rearrange some things in my OneDrive folders so it is easier for me to find things when I need them.
  7. Revamp my Job Search 101 Class and properly rebrand it.

Other goals

  1. Complete Coaching course on Udemy. Didn’t touch any of my Udemy courses last year, so hopefully I can finish one of them this year.
  2. Get #YourBestSelfBook in a physical bookstore. Negotiations are in the works with a few distributors, waiting to hear good news from them soon.
  3. Reach out to at least two PhD/EdD students/lecturers/professors about my potential interest to continue my graduate studies in the future. It’s still a long while before I actually want to pursue it, but eh, better start researching from now, right? Can’t hurt to plan ahead.
  4. Post two videos on YouTube – any suggestions on topics you’d want me to talk about?
  5. Create at least 5 educational(-ish?) IG reels. I’ve been experimenting with IG reels for the past few months, although mainly for fun. I am, however, a bit annoyed at how a random cheesy reel trend I did with Aiman clearly beat any of the reels I actually put an effort in (lol).
  6. Cook at least once a week – yes, once a week. I don’t usually cook, and I am super duper lazy at it. So this is me trying to be a tiny bit more rajin at preparing our own dinner instead of asking Aiman to buy takeaways.

22 for 2022 – focusing on career and family growth.

Soo… that’s it I guess? My 22 for 2022 list – 22 things that I want to accomplish. Whether or not I will successfully achieve them – that’s a different story. But at least I know that moving forward for this year, I have something to help me in making any decisions or choices.

With the new job and new commitments, this year will be dedicated to my professional growth and also to my family. Aiman is also on his 4th month at his new job, and I want to make sure he has the opportunity to grow his career. This is especially more so considering he has sacrificed his first job to support me in my Master’s studies, and how hard it has been for him to find a job during the pandemic.

Personally, I’ve also focused a lot on my mental health. For the past few months, I’ve taken a step back from some projects and from my side hustle. But I have no regrets, even if this means saying no to things that I would usually scream YES to. I realized that sometimes saying No is better for me and my mental health.

Alright. That’s pretty much it. This is already long enough, considering how I haven’t written in ages (sorry not sorry!). I have a lot of things I want to jot down and keep for future me, but I will get to them when I can.

Until next time – stay awesome, take care, and stay safe 🙂

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