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Radiance21 Scholarship

Radiance21 Scholarship – Wrap-Up and Final Words

Assalamualaikum, Some of you might remember the Radiance21 Scholarship Project that I did as my 21st birthday project back in 2015. It was a collaboration with SkolaFund, a crowfdunding platform for education in Malaysia. I was talking to Aizan a few weeks ago, and he suggested that I do an…

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Choosing the right graduate program

Choosing the ‘right’ graduate program

Assalamualaikum, This is a continuation of my previous post, Should You Go To Graduate School?. Assuming that you’ve either read that post or have already decided that “Yes, I am going to go to graduate school”, you might start to think about which graduate program to go to. In this post,…

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Taking the training wheels off.

Assalamualaikum, This is a surprise. I don’t usually update the blog more than once a week, but now, I’m writing my third post for this week itself. Huh, I’m surprising even myself. Is this what high-level procrastination does? I have a 2-page draft of my 6,000 words assignment due on…

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Making your job application stand out

Making your job application stand out

Assalamualaikum, I’ve been spending some time on LinkedIn recently, and I keep seeing posts like this: I’ve sent out like hundreds of CVs to different job vacancies, but I haven’t been invited to any interviews at all. It has been XX months since I graduated, but I’m still unemployed. I’ve applied…

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being so harsh on yourself

“Why are you being so harsh on yourself?”

Assalamualaikum, Last week, I made an appointment to see the University’s Wellbeing services. It’s nothing major, no worries. It was mainly because I needed a neutral third party to talk to – someone outside my close circle of family and friends. I don’t know, but sometimes ranting about unnecessary things…

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Things changed and thats okay

Things changed, and that’s okay.

Assalamualaikum, It’s been more than 10 years since I started on my blogging journey. I started off with a Blogger blog, much like a lot of other people. My old personal blog was simple – just a collection of thoughts and stories from my daily lives. I wrote about the…

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Should You Go To Graduate School?

Should You Go to Graduate School?

Assalamualaikum, I have a bunch of posts for Post-SPM 101 and Fresh Grad 101, as well as some Life Thoughts reflection posts here and there. But I thought that, hey, maybe I could do another series on Grad School 101. A couple of people have been asking me (since a year and…

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What to look for in a job

What to look for in a job?

Assalamualaikum, This blog is inspired, in part, from a recent career talk / workshop that I went to. But it is not entirely from that workshop though, because I’ve been seeing a lot of similar cases around me with friends and people I meet, so I thought perhaps I could write…

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Going over inferior complex

Getting rid of those “Oh sh*t, I can’t do this” thoughts.

Assalamualaikum, Apologies for not updating the blog last week. I’ve been meaning to write, but after my trip down to Nottingham (me being a good sister and going to check up on my younger brother because our mum was worried), I fell sick with the cold and/or slight fever, so…

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Working while studying, yes or no?

Working Part Time While Studying – Is It A Good Idea?

Assalamualaikum, This weekend was my lazy weekend – I slept in and was on the phone (audio/video call) with Aiman for most of the weekend. I was talking to him about the part-time job interview I had last week (which I wrote in my last post, Let’s Go, #HudFreshers), which…

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Let’s Go, #HudFreshers

Assalamualaikum, Hello again people. So I’m finally here in Huddersfield, have been here for almost three weeks, actually, but I never actually got around to actually updating this blog [apologies, again and again and again for it]. This week is my first official week of classes and I can legit…

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Heading to Huddersfield, UK.

Assalamualaikum, I’ve been hinting about my new phase for quite some time, so I guess now’s a pretty good time to officially write about it on the blog, even though some of you would’ve already know about it from my other social medias (yeah, my blog is the last to…

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