Career Services for students and graduates – hire me!

Are you looking for opportunities to improve your personal branding to increase your employability? Or are you sick of not hearing back from all those companies you’ve applied to?

Well, look no further!

I’m offering career services for final year university students and recent fresh graduates, starting from an affordable rate of RM15!

Resume and/or cover letter reviews

Have you been applying for endless job openings but haven’t heard a single reply? Not sure if your resume is sufficiently written to explain your skills and strengths? Wondering what else you can include in your resume and cover letter to increase your chances of landing an interview?

From RM15, you can have two rounds of feedback for your resume and/or cover letter!

This means that when you send me your resume and/or cover letter, I will provide you with my initial feedback. From there, you have the chance to work on improving it and resending it back to me for further feedback (should you want to).

Early warning: I am not a professional resume writer, so the suggestions and feedback that you’ll be receiving will be from my own reading and experience around the area.

Come & get your resume and/or cover letter reviewed!

For a resume only review or a cover letter only review, you will receive your feedback within 2-3 business days. For the combined package (resume and cover letter), it will take between 3-5 business days.

The review can be done through one of the following mediums:

  1. WhatsApp (message me here!)
  2. LinkedIn (connect with me on LinkedIn!)
  3. Email (fill in the form here!)

So, what are you waiting for? You’re one step away from improving your employability and increasing your chances of landing a job interview!

Read about what they said!

Not sure if it’d be useful for you? Read some of the testimonials from students and graduates who have engaged with my career services!

Thank you for your feedback and help. I have learnt so much for the past few weeks. With my updated resume and cover letter, I have gained more confidence to start my job search and hoping for the best to get a spot in an interview.

Amirah Nadiah, Applied Physics student.

The resume and cover letter guidance have given me an idea on how to tackle a specific dream company of mine. I don’t need to worry anymore about what the company is looking for in a resume and cover letter.

If you have doubts on yours, Syaza has the answer to every doubt, so reach out to her!

Bazillah, Accounting student.

The review given was explained thoroughly, which made it easy for me to understand. Syaza has given me a lot of tips and ideas on how to fully showcase my skills through a resume. I feel like my resume is more sellable now and this has boost my confidence to apply for jobs.

Dayana, Chemical Engineering student.

Need more than just a resume review? Let’s meet up for coffee!

If you’re the kind of person who needs more than a review over messaging or email, we can also schedule a one-on-one career consultation! I can do in-person consultation or a virtual consultation (over Skype), whichever suits your needs and time.

Rates for a one-on-one consultation starts from RM25 (virtual) or RM40 (in-person). Additional charges will be added for group consultations (2-5 people max per group), and for areas outside Bukit Jelutong / Kepong / Seri Kembangan. A deposit (50%) will be taken to secure your slot, which is non-refundable in case of a no-show.

During the consultation, we will discuss your needs and challenges that you’re currently facing. I will work with you to look at ways and actions that you can take to overcome those obstacles. We can also use the consultation time to discuss your resume and/or cover letter and all things related to employability. This includes things such as utilizing LinkedIn, networking, personal branding, and other concerns you may have.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss more!

resume and career services
Bazillah, March 2020.

After the career guidance, I found that there are lot that I learn which opened up my mind regarding my future career. Therefore, it leads me to a clearer decision making towards my career.

I would recommend you to hire Syaza as your consultant even though she’s not in the same field as you, as the guidance given is not something you’d expected.

Bazillah, Accounting student.

Syaza was very helpful on convincing myself to sell my skills and how to make it relatable to the job that I’m applying to. She has also given me great support on job applications, since it is a very anxious subject for me.

Bahiyah, Architecture graduate.

Affordable career services for university students and graduates!

As a fresh graduate myself, I understand the challenges that fresh graduates face in the job search. I’ve been through it myself and know the struggles and obstacles that graduates face. The uncertainties, the impostor syndrome, the confusion – I’ve been through it all.

This is why I’m offering affordable career services for students and graduates – I want to help you to improve your employability and be the best that you can.

Contact me for a discussion or if you have any concerns or questions. No payments will be required until you’re completely sure that you want to engage with my service.

  1. WhatsApp (message me here!)
  2. LinkedIn (connect with me on LinkedIn!)
  3. Email (fill in the form here!)

So, what are you waiting for? Hire my career services now and let’s work together to increase your employability!

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