Job Search 101 – Improve your employability!

Hi there!

  • Are you a fresh graduate or a final year university student and embarking on your job search soon?
  • Do you want to learn more about how you can increase your chances of getting hired?
  • Want to learn more about what you can do to improve your employability?

Look no further, and sign up for this Job Search 101 class!

What would this Job Search 101 class cover?

The class will be split into three parts, which are:

  1. Getting Started – What you can do before the job search to fully understand who you are. This includes understanding your strengths & weaknesses, and why this is important for your job search.
  2. Maximizing Your Odds – The nitty-gritty of the job search process itself. We will cover topics like resume & cover letter, applying for jobs, and common mistakes in the applications process.
  3. Managing the Process – What you can do to better manage the long job search process and ensure that you make it out alright.

On top of the 2-hour class, you will receive one worksheet to help you in your job search process (including some notes and exercises to help you in your self-assessment) and one template to help you track your job applications.

We will also have an optional 30-minutes networking session after the class. This optional session would be useful for you to interact with other participants in the class. You can also use this time to ask additional questions or share your experiences!


Participants from the 6th June class.

So… A little disclaimer first.

Now, before you register, I want to ensure that you know exactly what you’re signing up for. I want you to get the most out of your investment, so you need to fully understand how this class will be held.

I am not a recruiter or an HR professional. I’m just a graduate, like you, who is very much interested and passionate about all things graduate employability and personal development.

Not sure if you should sign up because you don’t know enough about me and what I do?

Feel free to read my #FreshGrad101 blog series, or the rest of the blog to learn more about me as a person. You can also find out more about my career services for graduates and students here (and read testimonials from past clients)!

How do I join the Job Search 101 class?

The registration fee is RM25/person or RM40/pair. Invite a friend to register with you and you can both save RM5 from the registration fee! After all, it’s no fun to learn something new on your own, right? 🙂

The class is on a first-pay-first-serve basis. To secure your spot in the class, please make the payment as soon as possible after submitting your registration form. Your registration will only be confirmed once you have submitted the payment.


7 June class
Participants from the 7th June class

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or email me at contact[at]syazanazura[dot]com.

If not – I’ll see you all (virtually) soon!

Can’t make it to the class?

Register your interest here and I’ll keep you updated with any future classes or workshops that will be happening!