SPM Essay : The Last Words

Okay, just fulfilling the request of someone. Here’s one essay that I did last year. It kinda sucks and I did it not for me, but for a friend of mine. ( Two of the guys have to do five essays each for misbehaving in class, so I was helping them out by writing one each – or was it two each? Hmmmm ) Yes, it’s a lovey-dovey kinda story, so don’t puke here, please. And do ignore the grammar mistakes if there are any, I’m just too lazy to go through it now and recheck everything. Okayyy, enjoy 🙂


It was still fresh in my mind, the memory of the first time I met her. I was a Form 5 student while she was just a new Form 4 girl on her first day. I was heading to the canteen with a group of friends when I bumped into her. She was just a timid girl, shy and quiet. She muttered a quick apologize and went on her way. Her soft voice caught my attention; her intriguing scent stopped me in my tracks.

Ever since that memorable day, my mind had been thinking of her. Who is she? What’s her name? Where is she from? My heart ached to talk to her, to get to know her better. Every time I walked around the school, my eyes would be on the lookout for her.

A few weeks after that, I finally got the chance to meet her. I was chosen to help out with their orientation programme, along with some other Form 5 students. I was appointed to a group, and much to my surprise, she was in that very group. I was jumping over the moon, but I had to cover my excitement. I could not let anyone know how I felt about her, especially when I learnt who she was.

Her status as the headmaster’s daughter caught me by surprise. Knowing how strict Mr Luqman could be, I decided to stop. I forced myself to forget her. I kept myself busy with basketball tournaments and my studies so I would not have time to think of her.

The more I tried to resist her, the harder it became. After months of trying to wipe her name out of my mind, I stopped. I realized that nothing I do could erase her from my life. The image of her smiling stuck in my head, and I knew I had to see her.

I have never felt this strong towards someone in my life. It seemed like everything she does is beautiful. The way she walks, the way she talks, the way she says my name. I realized I was deeply in love with her. It sounded crazy to me, but I had to tell her how I really feel.

I wrote her a letter. It was a long one, mind you. I poured out everything I felt about her, every single thing that crossed my mind every time I see her smile. I inserted my email and phone number, with hope that she would reply the letter. That evening, during prep time, when the Form 4 students were having a meeting with the prefects, I went to her class and slipped the letter into her bag.

For days, I waited for her reply. I checked my phone for her message, but none came. I opened my email account every single day, but there was no email from her. I was worried. Did she get the letter? Was she mad at me? Suddenly I regretted sending her the letter. She must’ve thought I was crazy.

Suddenly, I heard the news that she changed schools. The rumour spread around the school like a wild fire. Somebody said the headmaster moved her to a new school because someone was stalking her. I was shocked. How did he know about this? I could not think straight for the next few weeks. I was anxious, scared that the headmaster might send for me.

One day, I woke up at 4:00am because my phone vibrated, indicating that a message was received. With eyes half-closed, I read the message. It was a short one, but after reading it, I was wide awake. I smiled to myself, relieved.

In the morning, I overheard the juniors talking about her. Apparently she had moved to England to stay with her elder sister. Nobody knew the exact reason why she went there, but some people said that it was because of her stalker. The rumours did not stay long as they stopped talking about her after a while.

On my 27th birthday 10 years later, I received a text message from her. Happy 27th Birthday Azmir! I’m back in Malaysia, I hope you’re still waiting. I smiled while I typed a reply, Thank you Dyna. Of course I’m still waiting, I promised, remember?

After sending the reply, I opened the Saved Messages folder in my phone. There it was, the message I received from her 10 years ago. Her last words to me before she flew to England. Her last words that I’ll remember forever.

If you truly love me, wait for me. I’ll be back in Malaysia in 10 years. Wait for me.

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