SPM Essay: The Last Words (2)


Aku godek-godek hard disk aku tadi, bosan sangat petang ni. So, as usual, mesti terjumpa esei lama and rasa macam nak post kat sini. So here goes. 🙂


“Shamil! Mum wants to talk to you!” Dad called me as I came emerged from my room. I quickly went over to him and took the cordless phone.
“Hi Mum! How are you?” I said, cheerfully.
“Hi Shamil, I’m doing okay here. We’ve just finished the meeting, my work here is done. I’ll be back in Malaysia next week, if God wills,” Mum replies.
“We’ll be waiting for you Mum!” I said, excited. Mum had been in Paris, France for the past few months for a conference meeting about some new medicine. And since I was away on a camp on the day she left, I have not met her for more than 4 months.
“How’s school Shamil? Is everything alright?”
“Yeah, school’s okay. We’re just finishing our syllabus now, SPM’s just 5 months away,” I informed her.
“Study well, okay Shamil? Listen to your teachers, and respect them. Never procrastinate with your works, finish them as early as you can,” Mum said.
“I will Mum, I promise.”
“I need to get going now dear, I have to finish off some paperwork. Say hi to Dad and your sisters, tell them I love them.”
“Okay Mum, we love you. Take care of yourself.”
“You too, take good care of yourself and your sisters. I love you Shamil,” Mum said before ending the conversation.

I put the phone down on the table and joined Dad and my sisters at the living room.

“What did Mum said?” Dad asked.
“She said hi to you, and told me to tell you that she loves you. She’ll be back by next week,” I informed Dad.
“Mum’s coming home next week?! YAY!” my youngest sister, Arina, who was just 7 years old, exclaimed. “Yay, Mum’s coming home!”
“Why isn’t Mum coming home now, Daddy? I miss her so much,” Fazila asked.
“She’s busy with work, dear. She has a lot of paperwork to be done. She’ll be back soon, okay Ila?” Dad said. Fazila nodded slowly.

Exactly one week later, all of us went to the airport to pick Mum up. From the flight list we saw at the entrance, Mum’s flight from Paris should arrive at 8:00pm. Since it was just 6:40pm when we reached the airport, we decided to grab dinner and pray before waiting for her at the arrival gate.

Ila and Ina could not wait to see Mum, both of them practically ran there after performing prayers. Dad and I just shook our heads as we made our way to the arrival gate, understanding their feelings.

At 8:15pm, there was still no sign of Mum at the gate. Ila and Ina were getting anxious, and so was Dad. He called Mum’s phone numerous times but his efforts were futile, he kept reaching her voicemail.

By 9:00pm, the four of us were frantic. Dad went to the information booth to ask about the flight, while Ina and Ila sat down at the chairs, looking forlorn. I sat on the floor in front of the arrival gate, ignoring the weird stares by the people around me. I only have one thing in my mind, MUM.

As I sat there, something caught my attention. The television nearby was broadcasting the night bulletin. I did not pay much attention to it as my mind was fully occupied by the thoughts of Mum, when I heard something that ripped my heart apart.

“Flight MH8134 from Paris, France crashed after experiencing major technical difficulties. The crash resulted in the death of all passengers on board, including 15 cabin crews.” The newsreader announced.

I could not believe my ears. I looked at Dad, he was watching the news as well. His face crumpled, and his legs gave away. Ila and Ina ran towards him, bursting into tears. I felt tears coming into my eyes as I remembered Mum’s last words to me.

“Take good care of yourself and your sisters. I love you Shamil.”

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