Your Best Self: A Journey of Self-Discovery (eBook package)


Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Am I really being true to who I am?

Our time in this world is short. But yet, we spend so long trying to live a life that is not truly ours. We think too much about pleasing other people, we worry about what our friends would say about us, and we shy away from opportunities because we are afraid to try something new.

Sounds familiar?

If you’re feeling stuck and need help to figure out what and where to go with your life, let us explore how you can live your life on your own terms and be the best self that you can possibly be.


Are you feeling lost in life and don’t know what to do?
Are you battling that inner conflict between chasing your dreams or following your parents’ wishes?
Or are you looking for ideas and inspiration in how to create and become your best self?

Well, look no further because we have just the book to help you to discover more about yourself and get started in your journey to become the best You that you can be!

What is included in this eBook package?

  • 1 x Your Best Self: A Journey of Self-Discovery (PDF format)
  • Templates to help with your self-discovery journey, including SWOT Analysis, SMART Goals, Goal-Setting, Habit Tracker, and more (included in the PDF book)

You will receive an email with the link to download the PDF book after payment has been made (either via FPX or PayPal).



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