When Blind Faith Kicks In.


*this was a long overdued post but who cares, I’m just going to post it up on the blog, ’cause I can do that.*

This is going to be a mere ranting about a certain issue that has been going around in Malaysia, especially among Malays, for the past week or so. I’m sure a lot of people have seen at least one picture / comment / tweet / blog post / Facebook status / whatsoever saying that ‘Saying Rest in Peace to Paul Walker (or any non-muslim) is haraam haraam haraam‘.

Truthfully, I never thought I’d be ranting about this on my blog. Heck, I was never one of those bloggers who write about these so-called ‘roti canai’ topics, but somehow, things are just getting a little bit too much for me to handle and I just can’t stand all this stupid ‘blind faith’.

But before that, let me just say that I am not saying that ‘saying Rest in Peace to non-Muslims’ is halal or haraam, ’cause I am far away from being qualified to be giving out these fatwas about halal and haraam when I can’t even be istiqamah with my own self. So don’t go and say that ‘Oh, this blogger says that saying Rest in Peace is halal and therefore she shall burn in Hell with all the other non-believers she’s praying for.

“Topik roti canai, part one”
The amusing thing about certain Muslims (particularly Malays) is the fact that they believe every single thing that they see coming out from the Facebook account or Twitter account of a ‘so-called religious icon’ in the country. Okay, I have no issues whatsoever against any Ustaz or Ustazah or Syeikh and all those religious people, they’re much more knowledgeable and have much more ilmu about Islam as compared to me, just a nineteen year old student, barely surviving her first semester of university. But what I do have an issue with is the fact that their ‘followers’ or ‘fans’ are, well, plain stupid.
Pardon me for being harsh, but that’s the fact. Using a screenshot of a comment in a discussion about the ‘haraam-ness’ or ‘halal-ness’ of saying Rest in Peace with aims to end the debate, ’cause apparently, “Ustaz so-and-so says it is haraam, and therefore, it is haraam.” You can say that I’m liberal, go ahead. But I don’t judge something as ‘haraam‘ just because someone says it’s haraam. That’s just plain blind faith.

“Topik roti canai, part two”

Someone posted a confession to the INTEC Confessions page on Facebook. Personally I enjoy going on this page, ’cause sometimes people would post up topics that are worth discussing and debating on, and I enjoy reading all the comments, but I just have to say, this particular one is just, well, amusing and too tempting to let go.

#2923 ” I just saw on TV the way to settle the RIP issue. It was Pencetus Ummah, a reality show that has candidates in pursue to win the title Pencetus Ummah. It involves people giving unique ways to give dai’e.

“Tidak salah menghormati yang bukan Islam mati, tetapi tidak sesuai guna ‘Rest In Peace’. Cuba guna ‘salam takziah’ (our condolences to you for you fancy-pancy English users)”

I think I know why it is not appropriate. Maybe because we know deep down he will not rest in peace and burn in Hellfire.”

Putting everything aside, saying how ‘we know deep down he will not rest in peace and burn in Hellfire‘, seriously? I mean, is this really what Islam in Malaysia has become? Judging people based on what or who we think they are?

How many of us actually know Paul Walker in person? How many of us has actually seen him in real life, for that matter? Who are we to say that he is a kafr? Who or what exactly is a ‘kafr‘?

Although I agree, the safest way to tackle the issue at hand is to just say “I’m sorry for your lost” or “Our condolences to you and your family” and other words/phrases that are synonymous with the two phrases, but to say that a person would be burn in Hellfire?


Who are we, God?

Even if we know for a fact that a person is a non-Muslim, how inconsiderate of us to say out loud that a person would burn in Hellfire just because he/she is a non-believer? And what, just because you recite the Shahadah 9 times a day, that gives you a one way ticket to Jannah (Heaven)? Really?

And instead of using a screenshot of your oh-I-adore-him-because-of-his-knowledge Ustaz as an argument, do your own research and reading and come up with proofs to back your arguments up.


Post note: This article was originally written in December 2013, shortly after the death of Paul Walker, and the rise of the issue of ‘Saying RIP is haraam’. The author of this article (lol, okay, the owner of this blog) would want to make a bet with herself that in a week or two, another issue would be coming up among Muslims in Malaysia, in regards to Valentine’s Day (as it has always did for the past few years or so)


Until next time, stay awesome people 🙂

2 thoughts on “When Blind Faith Kicks In.”

  1. @Kak Shahirah Loqman,

    I’ve watched the video, and it’s a pretty interesting one too. I scrolled down the comments and read about half of them, I think.

    It’s a pretty good topic to be debated on, in my opinion.

    But in the end, Allah’s the One and Only Judge, so instead of debating on where other people might end up at, it’s better to think about ourselves and think about where we would be later 🙂

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