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I am making a very crazy decision to sit down and write out this blog post, considering how I have to complete both my Economics and Mathematics homework that will have to be submitted tomorrow. Oh well, considering I do not have my English class in the morning, I kind of have extra time (if I can even wake up in the morning, that is).

Anyhow. I’ve been quite preoccupied for the past few months with a little personal ‘side project’ with the post-SPM candidates (Batch 1996’s) on Facebook. I’ve been regularly active in this one Facebook group, helping them in deciding their pathways after SPM and stuff like that.

Other than helping out through the Facebook group, my friends and I also try to help them out by hosting Google Hangout sessions, where they can ask the questions that they want and we’d try to explain to them in as much details as we could (to the best of our abilities).

As to today, we’ve successfully conducted three Google Hangout sessions with the SPM Leavers. The first one was a bit, well, unorganized. It was the first time I ever used Google Hangout on Air, so you can ignore the first 5-10 minutes of the Hangout video (later down), ’cause I was fiddling around trying to get the hang of it.

Google Hangout 1.0 was just Nazran and I, and it was more of a sharing moment, mostly about scholarship applications, interview preparations, and stuff (and I think I was too loud during that session, probably ’cause I just woke up and I was hyperactive and high and stuff)

Oh, and ignore my face that seemed like I was about to sneeze -.-‘

Now, Google Hangout 2.0 included a couple more people other than Nazran and I, namely Kak Fatien Atieqa (UTM), Aizan Fahri (RIT) and Wan Mohamad Ali (UniKL MIAT). It makes it easier to have people from different programs so that they can answer questions relating to their own pathways. (Nazran and I couldn’t answer much about Asasi and Diploma and stuff, ’cause, well, we’re ADP kids!) Hehe 😀

The latest (and possibly the last) Google Hangout session happened just a couple of days ago (Sunday, March 23rd, to be exact). This time, I tried my best to help the SPM leavers out by bringing together a few seniors from various programs. But considering how it was held at 10pm – midnight (Malaysian time), I couldn’t get any seniors from Japanese/Korean universities or even those studying in Australia/New Zealand. However, I was able to get someone from UK (Haziq Ghafar and Amalina Taib [well, soon-to-be]), France (Zara Razif), Malaysia (Wan Mohamad Ali & Arib Ismail) and USA (Nazran, Aizan and I).

And, the best part of it was, I got a special appearance from Aiman Azlan, who agreed to spend time to share his experiences with the SPM Leavers. It was quite a shock for me, to be honest, that he actually said yes when I emailed him about it. At first, I only told him that he could probably join at about 10:30pm (half an hour into the session), and leave after spending about half an hour or so. But, with the amount of questions we have and all, he ended up spending time with us until midnight (Malaysian time). I was feeling a bit guilty, but his voice and face seemed to be happy and satisfied as he said his final word of advice to the SPM leavers and bid us farewell that I feel glad, and grateful :’)

All in all, I’m getting used to Google Hangouts now, and Alhamdulillah, Allah has eased my efforts in helping the SPM leavers. I’m thankful and grateful to the people (seniors and friends) who supported my ‘side-project’, either by spending their time during the Google Hangout sessions (thank you so very much to Nazran for helping me out with all three hangout sessions, and to the others as well for participating in the GH 2.0 and 3.0), by sharing information about their respective programs to me so that I could relay the information to the SPM leavers, as well as supporting from afar during the Google Hangout sessions (yes, you guys know who you are, the ones who watched the Hangout sessions as well).

I do not know if I would be able to continue this for the next few months, at least until I get back to Malaysia, since I’d be busy with my final assignments, research papers and exams. The three-month summer holiday that I’d be spending back home will be busy with catching up with my family and friends, as well as with Projek Inspirasi 3.0 (which I will write about as the time comes nearer).

Probably this could be like a seasonal project every year, starting from December (when SPM is over), until April (a month after SPM results are announced). Probably, we’ll see how it goes next year. I know I certainly do not want to stop helping the SPM leavers in choosing their pathways and all, but I would also need to access the amount of work I’d have next year, especially if I’m accepted into the Wisconsin School of Business.

But that’s another story for next year, so we can wait and see how things go. For now, I’m happy enough with what has happened for the past few months, and hopefully, these kids (uhuk, like I’m old enough, right?) gained a bit more insight into the possible options that they have now.

I can only pray that God leads them to the right path, as He did for me two years ago. My journey to be where I am now was a tricky one, and full of hard decisions, and I hope that whatever decisions and obstacles that may lie in their paths, may God help them to overcome it, insyaAllah.

Alright, until next time, here’s a random selfie, ’cause I can! 😛 Stay awesome, and good night people 🙂

(and yes, this was taken a minute before this post was published)

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