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Assalamualaikum *echo echo echo echo*


Exams week(s) are finally over, Alhamdulillah. I’m not going to comment anything on them, considering I did pretty bad on my Statistics 311’s mid-term 2, and I don’t know how I did on my Actuarial Science & Accounting exams, or my second Philosophy essay. Other than the third Philosophy essay that is dued on December 7th, I’m basically free from any exams until my finals, which would start on December 14th.

So, some updates, as usual. I had my Statistics exam on the 7th, my Actuarial Science exam on the 10th, and my Accounting exam on the 13th. Things have been a little bit hectic, with work and homework and studies and all, but Alhamdulillah, it’s been going on well. I’m just glad that I get a couple of easy weeks coming so I wouldn’t be too burned out. With studying for my FM exam on December 17th, well, I could really use some easy weeks in classes.


Oh, this past Tuesday was my first day of answering the calls at the Office of Admissions on my own. Even though I have been working at the Office for quite some time, I was still in the training process and have to either listen in to someone’s calls, or have someone listening to me while I practice answering calls on my own. However, after taking the training quiz last Friday (Nov 7th), I am finally able to answer calls on my own.

Heck, I was nervous as hell, but I guess my coworkers were right in that it’d get better with time. After answering some calls on my own, I began to ease up and it began to get a little bit easier. Though sometimes I do get weird questions that I’ve never encountered before, but I’m grateful that all of my coworkers are awesome and super helpful and will be willing to help out. And it definitely helps that occasionally, there’ll be a caller that is super duper nice and keep on saying thank you and apologizing for asking a lot of questions. It makes things a lot more bearable than just having people getting mad at you for no solid reasons :’)

IMG-20141112-WA0016Oh, I am also scheduled to attend an interview next Wednesday. A couple of weeks ago, I sent in an application to apply as the BBA Career Peer Advisor at the Wisconsin School of Business.  I didn’t really put much hope into it though, considering how I’m just a sophomore and that I have no internship experience at all and that I might not be experienced enough to actually help other students with any career-related issues. But when I saw that I was invited to come in for an interview, I was beyond happy because it gives me a chance to learn more about the position and show that I am deeply interested in the position.

One may ask though, why am I so interested in the job, even though it’s like not even related to my Actuarial Science major. But I feel like I just like working with people. Learning about their goals and what they want to achieve, and help them in creating the perfect (or near perfect) action steps to achieving those goals. I believe that this would consequently help me in deciding what I’d want to do in life, by helping others.

So, yeah, that’s basically it for now. Sorry for the relatively overdued post, I know it’s been almost two weeks since I last posted an entry. -.-‘ Oh well. Until next time, stay awesome! 🙂


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