Weekend Trip to Indiana & Iowa.


*wipes some dust off this blog*

I’m sorry. I know I’ve only been updating this blog like, what, once a week, maybe? It’s not much, I know. Heck, I’d even be grateful if I can get a post written once a week. I don’t know why but every time I feel like writing on the blog, something comes up or I’d just gradually lose interest to write about it. *cries* I don’t want this to happen 🙁 I’ll try to think of some ways to get me to keep on updating the blog (but perhaps I’ll stray away from killing myself with the 30-Day November blog challenge like I did last year). I’ll put some thought into it and keep you guys updated (like really, as if anyone cares, right? Lol. Oh well)

Anyhow. Last weekend was a crazy and tiring weekend. My three housemates and I (along with another junior of ours) decided to go on a (quite random) road trip to Purdue University, Indiana and Iowa State University, Iowa. We wanted to attend both the Malaysia Cultural Night at both universities, but ended up only attending the one at Purdue on Saturday night, since we had to return to Madison already on Sunday night.

Syafiqa was our main driver for the weekend (she was the one who came up with the idea and therefore the mastermind of our trip, basically). Safiah was her co-pilot for most of the journey. Ami helped out by driving half the way from Purdue to Iowa, and Fara helped out by being half-co-pilot (since she fell asleep halfway through the journey). And me? Well, I was comfortably sleeping almost 90% of the journey (lol), but I did helped out by co-piloting on our way back to Madison. (Well, sorry for not being able to stay awake at night in the car, I get carsick quite easily and therefore will result to sleeping on long drives).


All in all, Purdue was a nice place. The one thing that I find irritating is the fact that their rent is soooo much cheaper than ours in Madison, even if they live on campus or close to the campus (like seriously, more than half of our rent here -.-), but I guess that’s just how life is. But it was a nice place to visit though. Purdue University was one of the universities that accepted my application (the other two were University of Iowa and University of Wisconsin-Madison, of course), so it was nice to see the campus that would have been my ‘home away from home’.


Us four housemates (from left: Syaza, Safiah, Syafiqa, Amirah)


Our ‘host’ for the day, Anisah Zaed (Aned)


It’s not always that I get to pretend to be cool, right? 😛

Their Malaysian Cultural Night was great. It was themed ‘Oh My Cikgu!’ (direct translation: Oh My Teacher!), and the hall was close to full with people! (well, considering how big of an annual event it is, obviously there would be a lot of people present). Some Malaysians from other universities were also present, such as from UIUC (though he didn’t came along as he went to Ohio State University with his housemates to watch the Merdeka Cup) and Michigan State University. I met some of my juniors from INTEC, made some new friends and, well, get to spend some time away from my books and studies (which was a nice retreat, I must say).

Straight away after the event, we drove all the way to Des Moines, Iowa. We stayed over at Hani’s place in Drake University (though technically, we reached her house at 4am in the morning after a long 8 hour drive). Oh, and Hani HAS A CAT IN HER HOUSE LIKE OH MY GOD SO FLUFFY AND FAT! (Lol, but seriously, she was soooo fat!). Since I spent almost the whole 8 hours journey sleeping in the car, I stayed up (with hopes of doing some studying for the quizzes & exam & paper that I have to do this week but failed -.-).

After everyone was ready in the morning, we drove to Ames for brunch at the Red Lobsters and headed to Iowa State University for a while. It was a short visit to see some friends and wish them good luck on their MCN, and then it was time to head back to Madison.



Meeting some UIUC friends in Purdue

We reached Madison at about 7:30pm on Sunday, and I immediately went to sleep for a few hours, considering I had to work from midnight to 8am that night at the library (crazy, I know). I can’t even recall how tired and sleepy and just plain drained out I was that night.

Not to mention, this week and next week will be pretty crazy for me. I had a Statistics quiz on Monday (which I didn’t really prepare for but ended up with the same score that I got for the first quiz that I studied hard for -.-), an Accounting quiz today (which I think I might have made some careless mistakes), a Philosophy and Act Sci quizzes tomorrow (which I’ll have to read up on tonight), a Statistics exam on Friday and a Philosophy essay due on Sunday. Not to mention, I’ll have an Act Sci exam and an Accounting exam next week as well, along with the weekly Act Sci and Philosophy quizzes. To top it off, I also have the stack of homework to be handed in every Friday, so yeah, things are getting a bit crazy these two weeks.

That’s pretty much it for now. It’s already November, which means there’s only a few weeks left until the end of the semester. I really can’t wait for the Thanksgiving break, since I’ll be able to meet him again, and the winter break, since I’ll be heading to London to meet my family and friends. I’m planning on meeting my childhood friends from Kings Wood School (the school I attended when I was living in London in 2005/2006). I haven’t met them since I left England in 2006, so it’d be nice to be able to meet them again after so long.

Alright. I better be off to study for tomorrow’s quizzes, and perhaps get started on my Act Sci homework. Until next time, stay awesome 🙂

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