Second Semester of Second Year.


It’s almost halfway through the semester, and I’m only posting up this update now. Yeah, spot on Syaza. That’s super early of me. -.-

Anyhow. As I’ve said, it’s almost halfway through the semester, and I just cannot wait for the semester to end. Like, seriously, can it just end already? I just want to start my summer break, go on my road trip across the Midwest, ending with the Midwest Games in Michigan, and go back home with him already. Oh, yeah, we’re coming back to Malaysia for the summer. But more on that later in the post.

Some basic updates:

I was supposed to take six classes this semester, with a total of 16 credits. But, after the first wave of my midterm examinations, I decided to drop my Management and Human Resources (MHR) 300 class, leaving me with 5 classes and a total of 13 credits for the semester.

Five classes sound like a lot, but my schedule is pretty free, to be honest. I have two free days (Wednesday and Friday), and I only have one 4-6pm class on Monday. My Tuesday sucks though, but Thursday is alright, so I’m pretty much cool with it. I work most of the day on Wednesday, and a couple of hours on Monday and Thursday too, so I can free up my Friday, just in case I decide to take a short weekend trip to Illinois (to meet him), or somewhere else.

spring 2015 schedule

Anyhow. Classes are going alright, I guess. Oh, and news update for the blog: I have officially declared a Certificate in Education and Educational Services. So instead of doing a double major in MHR or Risk Management, I decided to go ahead with what I love most – Education. And, I mean, it’s only 5 extra classes outside of what I already have to do. And one of those fulfills my Communication B requirement anyway, so it’s only 4 extra classes. And I’m already taking one of them (Educational Psychology 301), so like, I’ll be good to go in three more semesters, insyaAllah.

I’m also taking this one Videogames & Learning class (Curric 277). It counts for both my General Education requirements, as well as my requirements for the Education Certificate. And it’s a F.U.N. class. Like, seriously, in what other class would you need to play a game in order to write a paper? Like, hell yeah. 😛 Accounting & Actuarial Science classes are okay, I guess. And General Business 300 (Professional Communication) is pretty interesting, and useful, so I’m enjoying it thus far.

Hmm. What else?


There was the Battle for Bascom 2k15, a huge campus-wide snowball fight on Bascom Hill. It was originally planned to be a snowball fight among us Malaysians, but when I invited a few of my friends outside of the Malaysian community, and a few other people may have done so too, it spread like a wildfire and suddenly we have over 2k people responding on our Facebook event page. It event got coverage by the official UW-Madison Instagram and Twitter accounts, and Bucky Badger, our mascot, even showed up! (you can see him in the background in the photo above).


There was also our annual Chinese New Year celebration, with the theme of ‘Tradition’, and the hashtag #OhMyGoat (geddit geddit?)


Oh, and I also went skiing for the first time ever (finally -.-). It was fun. And tiring. And I fell super bad, which was funny. You can see a video of that hilarious fall / trip / whatever you wanna call it on my Instagram here. No worries though, it looks bad and sounds bad (mostly because everyone else was shouting ‘Oh my God!’ and things like that), but I’m all good and in one piece and nothing’s broken or twisted or hurt so yeah 🙂

Okay, so I believe that is all for now. I’m pretty tired actually and it’s not even midnight yet. So like, yeah. Until next time, stay awesome people 🙂


The first session on Engineering / Biotechnology / Pure Science / Computer Science will be this Saturday at 10pm (Malaysian time) and the second session on Accounting & Finance / Actuarial Science / Business / Economics will be on Sunday at 9pm (Malaysian time). Event pages on Google Hangouts can be found here at SESSION 1 and SESSION 2 respectively. On that day and time itself, if you want to watch, you can just go to the page and watch it LIVE and we showcase Malaysian students from various universities to talk about their program(s).

Okay, NOW I’m done for now. Stay awesome peeps! 🙂

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