“I’m not like you, I can’t succeed like you do.”


I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had people telling me (via email, Facebook message, tweets, Ask.fm ‘questions’, etc) things like:

“I’m not like you, how can I succeed like you did?”

“I’m just from a low-profile school, not an international school like you.”

“My results are just average, not like yours.”

“You can’t expect them to succeed like you did, they weren’t brought up like you were.”

“How can I be like you, if I come from a small school in the middle of nowhere?”

And I desperately wanted to tell them to STOP thinking like that.

Like, seriously, if you yourself are putting yourself down like that, who would think that you are capable of success? If you yourself are putting a limit to who you can be, how will you ever reach the top? If you yourself do not believe in yourself, why would anyone else believe in you?

No one, I repeat, NO ONE, were born with successes all lined up for them. People became great because of what they DO. They’ve experienced failures after failures before they are able to reach the top. They’ve faced obstacles and challenges in their paths before they are able to make it to the top of the mountain.

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I actually wanted to write more on this, but I just don’t feel like it so I’m going to end it here. So yeah, stay awesome, papai *waves*

2 thoughts on ““I’m not like you, I can’t succeed like you do.””

  1. Hye kak Syaza! I just wanna share my own experience to those who’re feeling low out there.

    Saya dulu pn sekolah kampung je, tinggal pn kt rural area yg jangankan shopping mall, a proper kedai buku untuk dapatkn buku rujukan pun macam hidup segan mati tak nak je. I was surrounded by frens yg mostly ada low self esteem n with mentaliti like the one u said, x yakin boleh berjaya and so on. And im the only one yg dri kecik ( dlm 9 tahun) dah aim nk study overseas by hook or by crook (ok my intention wasn’t really right back then, but now i know i should have a higher purpose than that). And alhamdulillah now I manage to got JPA sponsor, doing my a-level at intec n by june in syaa Allah dh habis study sini.

    What i want to highlight here is, dare to dream! And after that, dare to make it a reality of course! Klu kita betul2 nak, kita akan betul2 usaha n slalunya Allah xkan hampakn orang yg bersungguh-sungguh dgn apa yg dia nak. Tapi kalau dh awal-awal kau perlekehkan diri sendiri, pandang rendah dri sendiri, xnak betul2 work for it memang sampai bila pun kau xkan dapat apa kau nak.

    K tu je. Terbebel panjang lak kt sini

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