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Weekend getaway to Indiana.


It’s May already, and there’s a little bit more than a week until my summer holidays. And here I am, writing about the weekend getaway I had for my Spring break way in March *sigh*. This is way overdued, but oh well, better late than never. And I needed to write something down before my final exams start next Sunday anywayz.

Aiman’s spring break was a week before my spring break, s0 we didn’t really get to spend the whole week travelling together. Instead, we decided to spend the weekend on a mini road trip together. Since I do not have any classes on Friday, we decided to leave on Thursday evening, right after my Educational Psychology exam. He came up to Madison on Wednesday, and on Thursday evening, we went to pick up the rental car from Hertz.

We drove down to Champaign and spent the night at his university. On Friday noon or so, we left for Bloomington, Indiana. We met up with some friends in the Indiana University, Bloomington for dinner and went around the campus for a while. The next morning, they took us out for breakfast and a short tour of their campus.

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Being artistic at the Art Museum in Indiana University, Bloomington
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With Rayhan, Sarah, Sarah and Aizzat in Bloomington

Aiman and I then drove up to downtown Indianapolis for a quick bite and some shopping. We also wen to visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art for a short while (because I’ve never been to a museum and I’ve always wanted to visit one).

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With Aiman at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Afterwards, we drove up to West Lafayette, Indiana to go to Purdue University. Aned, our friend from INTEC, was kind enough to cook us dinner and to be our host for the night.

On Sunday, Aned took us for a tour around Purdue University for a while (even though I’ve been around last year), and then the three of us went to Indianapolis for more shopping.

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With Aned at Purdue University

Afterwards, we dropped Aned off at Purdue & drove back to Champaign. Aiman had classes the next day, so I didn’t want to disturb him for long. I drove back to Madison on Tuesday evening with Hariz, a new student at Madison (who was in Champaign to visit his girlfriend). That was my first time driving for a long distance alone (4 hours or so), which was (for me, at least) super exhausting and boringgggg!

So, yeah, that was pretty much my Spring break getaway. I didn’t really do much after the getaway, other than staying in Madison, curating TwtUpCampus & working on some assignments. But it didn’t really matter though, I wouldn’t want to spend my break travelling to places without him anyway, and even though it was a short getaway to Indiana, at least I managed to cross off yet another state with him 🙂

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Fun trip with the loved one 🙂

Until next time, stay awesome. 🙂

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