Summer and Final Results for ADFP.


The summer results for ADFP came out on Wednesday, and my oh my, only Allah Knows how much I dreaded this results day. I meant, just a couple of days ago, I dreamt that I failed my Calculus 2 course. I mean like, seriously, failed it. Oh God 🙁

With my test marks which is not that good, I was aiming for only a B+. I wasn’t aiming for an A-, let alone an A, ’cause I knew my carrymarks weren’t that high like the others. A B+ would be sufficient enough for me to maintain my CGPA at above 3.50, and that was all I was asking for. A B+.

And then it was the moment of truth…


Allah has once again granted me the results that I’ve asked for. Ya Allah, all praises to you ya Allah for this wonderful gift. It’s so much more than what I’ve asked for, and I’ve only have You to thank. You’ve given me so much great and wonderful things for the past 18 years I’ve been on this planet, and I can’t thank You enough.

Alhamdulillah, I owe Mr Ikhwan a lot for all that he has taught me for the past 8 weeks in Wichita. I know that I haven’t been putting in the amount of effort that I should have, but Alhamdulillah I managed to pull through. I know I can’t afford to behave like this when I’m in the States later, so I need to buck up and pull myself together now.
So, for the records, for my future references and perhaps the juniors’ as well, these are my results for my ADFP in INTEC Education College, Shah Alam.
Fall 2012
Pre-Calculus – A
Oral Communication – A-
Writing and Language Awareness – A-
Fundamentals of Islamic Studies – A-
Reading and Study Skills with Critical Thinking – B
GPA 3.59
Spring 2013
Advanced Composition – A
Philosophy of Islamic Akhlak – A
Fundamentals of Critical Thinking – A-
Calculus 1 – A-
Computer Programming 1 – B+
Fundamentals of Speech Communication – B+
GPA 3.63

Summer 2013
Calculus 2 – A- 
GPA 3.67
Total credit hours : 37
CGPA: 3.62
Alhamdulillah ya Allah, Alhamdulillah :’)

13 thoughts on “Summer and Final Results for ADFP.”

  1. Ya Allah kak syaza so this was all about when I saw u jumping happily tht day !! Alhamdulilah kak syaza thank you giving me all the spirits and hope to start my journey here in INTEC. I hope soon I will fly to US just like you:) my new motto: I will study and I will win hahahaha -amilin intec 2013/2015

    1. Hihi! Alhamdulillah. Rasa awkward nak menjerit2 on that day in front of all of you, but what the heck, rasa lega sangat-sangat! Hihih 😀 InsyaAllah. Study well Amilin! 😀

  2. Congratulations kak, hope to be as good as you 😀

    I was wondering, what did you get for your SAT and TOEF?

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