Greener Grass All Around.


“The grass is always greener on the other side.”

We look at other people’s lives, thinking about how fortunate they are to be born with amazing skills and talents, to have the opportunities to go to places and do the things we could only wish we could do, to meet people from different countries and backgrounds, to have the courage and means to explore the world.

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The thing is, things aren’t always what they seem like.

You may look at a person’s life and see all the wonderful things that they’ve done, seen and achieved, and envy them for it. But you’d never know all the hardships and challenges that they face, all the troubles they go through to be where they are, all the obstacles that they have to endure.

You think their life is ‘all that‘, but who knows, maybe they’re looking at yours and thinking, “Damn, man, I’d be happy if I have his/her life!”

I forgot who said these following words, but I think it was someone on my Facebook friends who posted a status some time (or a long time ago, sorry, I suck at remembering things like these) about, it’s not about whose grass is greener than the other. But instead, it’s about how you make yours greener, and maintain it.

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If you forgot to water your grass every day, and never give it any fertilizers or take good care of it, of course it’d dry out and turn brown.

The same thing applies to life.

If you forgot to give your life meaning, only doing the things that other people are doing instead of pursuing your own dreams, of course it’d be a meaningful and dead life.

The people you see around you, those very ones that you envy, yes, those people have a secret. And do you know what that secret is?

They don’t give a **** about anyone else.

They pursue their dreams and goals in life without worrying about what other people say or think about them. They go on with their life instead of sitting around and moping about. They push forward in life, rather than waiting for a miracle to happen.

‘Cause for them, they know what they want out of life.

So now, instead of complaining about how unlucky you are and how lucky other people are, try to think about ways how you can make your grass greener than it is at the moment.

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