President Barack Obama in Malaysia, 2014.


This is a repost of my Facebook status on April 27th, 2014. Just felt like it’s appropriate to repost this up on my blog for future references, ’cause my Facebook status will disappear under other statuses and posts.


Spent some time on Google, reading up random blog posts, the so-called ‘articles’ and tons of comments related to President Obama’s visit to KL, and almost cracked myself up.

Like, seriously, are you guys (read: Malaysian Malays or ‘Muslims’) that easy to be provoked? Are you guys really that easy to pass on judgments onto other people? Are you guys really that ‘Islamic’ in the first place to say all those things you guys are saying?

Source: The Star

Islam does not teach its believers to call someone else ‘Negro sial’ [sorry, I feel like if I translate this into English, it doesn’t sound as funny as it originally is] or ‘Devil’.

Islam does not teach its believers to go out on Facebook and tell all the Chinese and Indians to ‘go back to your countries if you don’t agree with how things are run here in Malaysia’. [paraphrased from the original phrase to make it less hostile]

Islam does not teach its believers to call someone a ‘dajjal’, no matter how much you disagree with their perspectives and views on certain things.

Yes, you may hate the fact that the US may or may not play a part in what’s happening in the Middle Eastern countries. You may hate the fact that the US may or may not support the Israelis in Palestine, causing the deaths of our Muslim families. You may hate the fact that the US may or may not have caused the problems we see happening around the world.

But, what happened to the ‘Hate the sin, not the sinners?’ What happened to the ‘It’s better to keep quiet than to say something hurtful’?

If you don’t like his presence in Malaysia, or his so-called involvements in the affairs in other Islamic countries, or even the fact that DS Najib may or may not be sucking up to the US President, seriously, keep your opinions to yourself.

Source: The Star

Bashing him on social networks ain’t going to make things any better for our brothers and sisters in Palestine and other countries. Calling him ‘Yahudi jahanam’ and ‘Dajjal’ ain’t going to solve any of the problems. Criticizing the politicians (both from the US and Malaysian sides) ain’t going to make things any better.

So why do you have to showcase all the bad stuff that Islam forbids you from doing? Why do you have to be so close-minded and judgmental and, well, forgive me for saying this, but stupid?

You write and comment and talk in the name of ‘Islam’, but instead, you’re the one who’s bringing the name of Islam down. You fight for the name of Islam, but your methods and ways are so not in the path of Islam.

Shame on you, you so-called ‘Malaysian Muslims’.

Added disclaimer (April 27th, 2014 at 6:00pm (Central Time)) : This post/status is directed merely to those people out there who inappropriately ‘fight’ in the name of Islam (aka using swear words / cursing / any related comments) against President Obama.

Yes, Islam does allow us (read: Muslims) to voice our opinions and criticisms to leaders who are going against the teachings of Islam, to those oppressing leaders, but I believe that this can be done through proper means, and not through anonymous comments on Facebook / blogs / Twitter.

For more information on this disclaimer, please read: and, thank you.


Extra notes:

1) This post does not, by any means whatsoever, state that I am pro-US and that I agree with whatsoever their agendas are.
2) This post also does not, by any means whatsoever, state that I agree with whatever’s happening in Palestine and other Islamic countries, either with or without the US’ interference.

Aman, tanpa perang (Y)

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