Let’s Join The #LetsReadCampaign!


A senior and a good friend of mine, Haziq Ghafar, recently shared this campaign with me. I wasn’t too keen on joining, even though it looks fun, because I know that I haven’t been reading much books lately. But, hey, it doesn’t have to be a once-a-month thing, and it is basically up to you whenever you want to update it, so here goes nothing 🙂


Source: Don’t Eat The Paste

So basically what you do during the whole campaign duration (which is like, forever and ever and ever!) is to read a book (once a week, once a month, it’s basically up to you). After finishing a book, all you need to do is to write about it and post it up on the Internet (on your blog, on your Tumblr, as a Facebook status, etc).

Ensure that you include 1) the title and author of the book, 2) a picture of the book, and 3) a synopsis or your review of the book.

Easy, isn’t it? It doesn’t only help you to recall what you’ve read so far, but it also allows you to share what you’ve read with the world, and who knows, perhaps someone will follow up on your recommendation, and ended up finding his or her new favorite book.

Wait no more, and get all your friends and family to join in as well 🙂 Spread the love for BOOKS, and remember, keep on reading!

p/s. Here’s my book list for 2014, in which I shall add the links to any posts I make about #LetsReadCampaign.

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