A random compliment, from a complete stranger.


So there we were, Mom, Lukman & I, sitting at the dining table for our dinner together. Dad wasn’t home today since he has a meeting in Seremban, and the two young ones are at school. We were talking about random stuff, about how we (the kids) grew and changed over the years, especially since our move to London, England in 2005.

Then, Mom said something that made me want to both laugh and hide my face at the same time. It went something like this (after being translated into English):

“So I was at Adi’s school (Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah) the other day when I met my friend, and she was asking me, ‘Eh, is Syaza Nazura your daughter? I like reading her blog! The way she writes makes you feel like you have to keep going and keep on reading it.’

Mom was laughing as she said this, and Lukman was, well, looking at me and saying, “One day, I’ll be a pro-gamer and someone will say that to Mom as well.”

I have no idea who that aunt is (turns out she has a daughter at Sekolah Seri Puteri as well, so I’m guessing that’s how she knew about my blog. But then again, who is her daughter? -.-)

That completely made my day though. I mean, I probably wouldn’t find it as funny if my friend, or even someone I know, said that, ’cause, well, I know who they are, and I can view it as a joke instead of a real compliment (even if it is a real compliment, just ’cause I suck as accepting compliments).

But when a complete stranger (or silent blog readers, whatever you want to call it) say that, it’s, well, amusing and embarrassing at the same time. I mean, sure, it’s nice to know that someone likes the way you write, and that you managed to get your points across. And, hey, tell me this, which blogger doesn’t like to know that there are actually people who genuinely like your blog and will be reading it.

Then again, it makes you feel like hiding yourself under a blanket or something, ’cause, hey, I read your blog! Consistently! Who wouldn’t feel scared at that? Or at least embarrassed in some ways? It feels like someone’s always going to be there, watching you, reading everything that you write, and that somehow if you happen to meet them in the streets or something, they might recognize you and go all “Hey you, I know you! You’re <insert name here>, right? I loooooove your blog!”.

Woi, segan kot macam tu. Serious. Segan kot. Pengalaman sendiri weh, segaaaan gila OK.

Lol, so, okay. Bye. :3

p/s. To that aunt above, if you so happened to read this sometime in the future [since this WordPress blog is still under construction], hello:) Please don’t laugh, ’cause I know my mum would if she finds out I wrote this post. Hihi 🙂

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