First Wave of Exams, Done.

Assalamualaikum, hello 🙂

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I guess the picture above pretty much summarized what I felt the whole of last week. I had my first midterm on Friday, October 3rd (Statistics). Then it was Actuarial Science’s midterm on Monday night, and Accounting’s on Thursday night. That does not include the weekly Philosophy and Actuarial Science quizzes every Wednesday, and the tons of Actuarial Science homework to be handed in every Friday. Oh, and I also have an essay to write for Philosophy to be submitted today (Sunday) by 11:59pm.

So, yeah, it was pretty hectic. Figures why I didn’t update the blog earlier. Apologies for that 🙂

Anyhow, things are going great here so far. The weather’s being kind of weird, dropping below 0 Celsius at times and going up again to 10+ Celsius in a few hours. *sigh* Buuut, then again, it is Madison we’re talking about, so I’m used to it by now. I’m just hoping that this year’s winter wouldn’t be as bad as last year’s (though some news websites have been writing about how this year will be the worse winter ever, yada yada yada). Mother Nature, please be nice to us 🙁

This weekend is pretty much my lazy weekend (but, isn’t that every single weekend of mine? -.-). Yesterday (Saturday) was a day for movie, Skype sessions, calls and, oh yeah, laundry! Today’s plans: shopping, putting the finishing edits on the paper, basketball, and work, as always. Hopefully our Act Sci professor would upload our marks for the Monday exam by tomorrow, since he said he’ll try to finish everything by the weekend. (Though, honestly speaking, I don’t really want to know my marks, -.-).


Oh, yeah, last weekend was Eid, right? One of the new girls, Izzah, hosted an Eid open house at her apartment’s common area. I went along with Syaf (our other two housemates were busy studying), and it was a fun time meeting people and eating (of course) and all. Madison’s not really a huge-ass city, but’s it’s a pretty big campus so you don’t really get to see a lot of Malaysians unless you have classes together with them or something.

So, yeah, that’s basically it for now. Nothing much to share or update. I’ll be going down to Urbana-Champaign, Illinois next weekend for an Actuarial Student Conference (aaaaaand meeting up with him as well), so I’d probably have something to share over the weekend later. But, until then, stay awesome, and take care 🙂

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